Teenage girls gangraped and hanged by men


Two teenage girls were abducted, gangraped and hanged by men in India.

Villagers found the girls’ bodies hanging from a tree on Wednesday morning, hours after they disappeared from fields near their home in Katra village in Uttar Pradesh state.
The girls, who were 14 and 15, had gone into the fields because there was no toilet in their home.
Hundreds of angry villagers spent the rest of Wednesday in silent protest over alleged police inaction in the case.
Indian TV channels showed video of the villagers sitting under the girls’ bodies as they swung in the wind, preventing authorities from taking them down from the tree until the suspects were arrested.
Police arrested the three men later in the day and were searching for four more suspects.

Autopsies confirmed the girls had been gang-raped and strangled before being hanged, police said.
The villagers accused the chief of the local police station of ignoring a complaint by the girls’ father on Tuesday night that the girls were missing.
The station chief has since been suspended.
The family belongs to the Dalit community, also called “untouchables” and considered the lowest rung in India’s age-old caste system.
India tightened its anti-rape laws last year, making gang rape punishable by the death penalty.
Records show a rape is committed every 22 minutes in India, a nation of 1.2 billion people.
Activists say that number is low because of an entrenched culture of tolerance for sexual violence, which leads many cases to go unreported.

I don’t get surprised anymore. Men are the most cruelest, nastiest, filthiest immoral creatures on earth. Men hate women. They can do anything against women. They can murder all women. They can make all women extinct.


  1. Jeanne says

    I read an article in France about it, it says the girls hanged themselves… It seems weird that immediately after a rape, you have this kind of idea. Just searching for the rope in the dark seems awkward. Actually, if they hanged themselves, the crime seems less terrible and that is good for the rapers.

  2. Sobuj Biswas says

    Arrest all the suspects n cut of their secrect limb yet,they can’t do further again in my view.

  3. eks says

    The strangest thing is that even while heterosexual Indian men continue to treat women and even little girls horrendously and disgrace India in the eyes of the whole world, they attack peaceful gay people “for lowering India’s morality”. Just go through Indian newspapers and you will know exactly who is “lowering India’s morality”: hypocritical heterosexual Indian men.

  4. Ed says

    I’m sickened by this story and find the claim, which some sources are apparently making, that the victims committed suicide, hard to accept. There have been psychopathic killers with strangulation or hanging fetishes. It’s not hard to believe that such scum teamed up and brought the ropes with them.

    While the suicide of a rape victim is a tragic possibility especially in a setting where victims are likely to be shamed and rejected(or otherwise subjected to further abuse), it seems improbable that both women decided at the same time to hang themselves from the same tree.

    It also looks like it would be kind of hard, though not impossible, to hang oneself from this tree without something to stand or climb on and then kick away. Were any chairs or ladders found close by?

  5. Ariaflame, BSc, BF, PhD says

    @Jeanne #1
    Because driving someone to suicide is better than murdering them outright?

    If the autopsy report here is accurate then they were strangled and then hung up. Hard to do yourself.

    • Jeanne says

      No, I say for the police and government, if the girls committed suicide by themselves, the killers look “less” like monsters. For my part, I am sure they were hanged.

  6. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Just horrific.

    As I understand it the HIndu caste systems is a significant, terrible factor here too.

    Hope it forces a change and some good somehow comes of this atrocity.

  7. Ruben Laane says

    The real problem here is the incredibly patriarchial society and the religions that all support this system. Considering that even western countries have great trouble getting rid of the last remnants of this system, I fear we have a long way to go before we can say it’s a thing of the past.
    All the more reason to fight for change and support those who do.

  8. Bryan Philip says

    This is truly a horrible act one of many that is done daily in India and around the globe but for Taslima Nasreen the author of this page to say

    “I don’t get surprised anymore. Men are the most cruelest, nastiest, filthiest immoral creatures on earth. Men hate women. They can do anything against women. They can murder all women. They can make all women extinct.”

    Comments like these do little to help the situation it just shows ignorance and stupidity . Not all men are like this in actual fact it would be a very small number and it is usually through lack of education and ignorance. Please don’t add to shocking situation by saying all men with the same as it is a minority of individuals.

    Lets hope that the people that did this shocking act are brought to justice and that education teaches others this is not the way to treat women or men for the matter.

    • says

      I was going to write essentially the same thing. If some radical macho wanted to discredit feminism, he would write pretty much the same stuff like what you quoted above. This is not the first time she has done this. At first I cut her some slack because English isn’t her native language, but even after it was explained to her she doesn’t stop. What a disrespect to real feminism everywhere! Real feminism: One supports the rights of women without hating men who behave responsibly. Caricature (Taslima’s version) of feminism: The world would be better if there were no men and it wouldn’t be such a big deal if they all die since a man’s life is worth less than a woman’s.

    • plutosdad says

      I don’t see where she said all men are like that. Do you see it somewhere? I looked over and over and nowhere does she say all men are evil.

      • says

        Well “They can make all women extinct.” does rather suggest it.
        I’m certainly prepared to accept some rhetorical extravagance in a case like this, though.
        Those men, and too many others of my sex have been pretty vile.

  9. Promz says

    A CNN journalist says that the female population in India is decreasing rapidly because Indian people are aborting baby daughters and this might be the reason why women are being treated like this. Anyway personally I’d blame bollywood for this. Some Bollywood movies are just so filthy and not appropriate for the common folks.

  10. says

    Another point: Although it is not in any sense an excuse (I shouldn’t have to say this, but do so for the benefit of those who have a simple women=good, men=bad view of the world), the fact that there are many more men than women in India (due to selective abortion) aggravates the problem. Yes, this is due to bad traditions concerning dowries etc and one should work to abolish those, but this effort is not helped by radical feminists who see abortion as some sacred right (not “rite”), even in the case of selectively aborting a fetus just because it is female.

    • plutosdad says

      No, it has nothing to do with the availability of abortion. Sex selective abortions are not a problem in the West, but only in countries where women are next to nothing. Even in India sex this is mostly confined to the wealthy.
      If abortion were illegal in India, you’d still have sex selective abortions but they’d be dangerous and more women would die.

  11. deera says

    Every women needs to print out this picture and have it on her person. She needs to look at it from time to time so she can remember just how much men hate women.

    Please keep this picture on this site. The mainstream media sites do not have this. Thanks.

  12. No One says

    I do not hate women. But I do very much hate any human who would perpetrate this type of violence on another human being. Poor girls… what could they have possibly done to deserve this violence and have their lives taken from them? Fuck, do I hate these people. So is the death penalty working? Seems it is not… It’s steeped in the culture. I give credit to the villagers not allowing the bodies to be whisked off. Poor girls… the flowers of humanity.

  13. San says

    “The family belongs to the Dalit community, also called “untouchables” and considered the lowest rung in India’s age-old caste system”.

    This explains the crime.In my estimation the gang rape was perpetrated by men belonging to a particular caste as a sort of punishment to the dalit community of the locality.Dalits are traditionally “untouchables” and is at the bottom rung in the caste hierarchy.In fact they ( the dalits) are outside the four castes in Hinduism.

    Now the situation is not uniform in all parts of India.This incident happened in the state of Uttar Pradesh, which is in Northern India.In some states like the Kerala , Goa and Tamil Nadu incidents such as this may not happen at all.

    The last part is simply Ms. Nasreens’ rant against men in general which explains nothing and serves no useful purpose!

  14. ananya says

    where d hell d caste cm in???.Rape implies assertion of a snse of domination by d perpetrator….that I am in charge of ur bodyy…i cntrl it ….can rape u at will…..it z d same …..whethr it happns in churches wd chldrn….marital rape…..gangrape….they r all brutual crimes…..do nt bind d menance in a systm called Casteism….nor confine it by victimisng a particular sex only….ds nt it hpn wd men n chldrn…..Rape z aganst humanty …..nt aganst women only…

  15. Jeanette says

    You are so right, Taslima. Men know what you said is true. In this day and age, women are finally opening their eyes to the evils that men do. Of course, us feminists and radical feminists knew this eons ago, our “non feminist sisters” are waking up. Some women defend men. They are quite ignorant, and wear rose colored glasses when it comes to issues of men vs. women in this world. I read the paper every single day, and its always packed with men on women violence. (I live in NYC, and read the daily news, BUT, I am talking about whats happening to women on a global scale, not just in my city and state. Murders, rapes, murder/suicides, school shootings, etc. All men’s doings. All over the world. Men love to destroy things with their guns, bombs, and with their bare hands. They do hate women. They see something in us that they just don’t have inside themselves. We long for peace, and they get off on war. They dominate us due to the fact that (most) are stronger than us, physically. Chivalry is dead. But, for strong women like me, it doesn’t fucking matter about chivalry. I am independent, and take care of MYSELF. I don’t need a man to “feed, fuck, and forget me,” as they love to say. I say to all women out there–always have your own in life. Never depend on a guy for that bullshit Disney Prince Charming shit. We are quite capable of making it through life on our own. No one said it would be easy, but in the end, all we really have is ourselves…

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