Erotic sculptures

These are erotic sculptures of medieval Hindu temples.



The temples at Khajuraho were built during the Chandella dynasty, which reached its apogee between 950 and 1050. Some say erotic sculptures were made to please Indra, the king of gods. Some say more bizarre things. But I get somehow convinced when I hear that the Chandella monarchs built these temples under the influence of tantrism and devadasi tradition. Whatever the reason, erotic temples look strikingly beautiful.

Whenever I look at these erotic art, two things come to my mind.
Number one: these are just fantasy of men! Most men secretly dream of having sex with multiple women! And women, devadasis or housewives, are treated as sex objects, not as equal partners, by kings or commoners.
Number two: Alas! In the country of erotic temples and Kamasutra, sex is a taboo subject. And during sex, women are forced to be passive, because men must dominate. When different sexual positions are advised, missionary position is the only sex position which has been practiced by most Indians! These are India’s art, but not really Indians’ art.


  1. Srinivas says

    These are Indians’ art of those days when nothing was taboo. The influence of outsiders on a inferiority complex ridden people made them believe that their practices were inferior to those of foreigners and adopted their rules and customs. Most of the literature of those times freely included love, sex, in them. Atheism was also allowed to be a thought.

  2. Nilanjan says

    hi Taslima,

    I read you and “most” of the time i like. Few points….

    1. Thanks for this piece. its beautiful.

    2. What is dreaming secretly? youu mean dreaming and not telling/ broadcasting?

    3. Do you have any statistical data when you say “most” (men). Offcourse you have said that it has come to your mind!

    4. same for “women are forced…. and only missionary position… “most”!!! indians.

    5. India belongs to Indians and Chandellas were Indians. So calling it not Indians’ art is kind of surprising and somewhat derogatory.

    i should not tell this but its a fact that you have faced hardships from men and many women (and yes thae number is increasing) do face so (and its a global phenomena). But that dosnt mean that you will vent your anger on “most” men! 🙂


    love grace and regards,


    +91 9800268390

  3. R Gautam says

    Strange….u say men dream secretly ………..then y they made sculptures in public ??
    secondly ….in these sculptures women are pleasing other women too ……….. wot about that ??
    thirdly …..who told u that presently missionary position is preferred in india ???
    i m sorry about any of your indian experience …..but we indians have versatility in all spheres of life and we enjoy it too …
    don’t be pessimist … only advice to u ………….

      • harries says

        Why should homosexuality be allowed in society? In which point of view it is needed in society? Someone should not demand those things that cause end of the civilization.

        • HappiestSadist, Repellent Little Martyr says

          How could it possibly cause the end of civilization to accept and welcome people who contribute to it?

          • harries says

            Society is an integrated process. If you try to divide a society into two division how can it go? easy and simple.

        • Ted Powell says

          What harries wrote implies that things that are not “needed” in society require justification to be “allowed” in society. I do hope that this person is not as authoritarian as these words suggest.

      • Chitral Cheetah says

        You are correct in that and I consider that a very sad thing. There is a long way to go for the Indian populace to catch up and understand and then accept Homosexuality. However that is not a valid argument in support of your earlier statement. The veil, the relegation of women to an inferior role was greatly influenced by the foreign invasions. You do not see the veil in southern India for example ? The ancient temple sculptures tell the story women’s clothing and one is surprised because they would be considered risque based on today’s customs. But then there will always will be a few who will consider it as an indication of inferiority because they are dressed such, to please the men.

  4. Anni says

    The tantriks got such sculptures done on the outside of some temples (not inside) – the idea was to leave behind desires, or put such worldy desires out (of the mind), before entering “sacred space”.

    Osho’s book ‘Sambhog se Samashi tak’ also says, one cannot attain Nirvana unless we grow out of, or leave behind all desires. Osho also had pointed out that “missionary position” was favoured and promoted by xtian missionaries from Europe, hence the term ‘missionary’!

  5. srihari says

    Erotic sculptures on Indian temples is because architects thought by putting these on temples their work will not be destroyed by astadikpalakas. Lord Indra is king of Gods and he is fond of sex, so astadikpalakas will not destroy erotic art to face his wrath. This is the reason maximum temples have small hidden erotic sculptures on walls which don’t fall in visitors eyes easily. Temple architects designed temples in India to last minimum 1000 years and to be sure they put erotic sculptures hoping it will be helpful to achieve their goal.

  6. Arupratan Biswas says

    The more i read you, since your “Nirbachito Kalam” being published in ‘Aananda Bazaar’ when i was staying in Kolkata, and charmed within my adolescent thinkings of revolting against social injutices ,specially against women in our so called civilized society, the way you exposed them and your struggle against religious and other fundamentalism, made my head bowed to you, which is till being continued up to your latest writtings, and now a days you seems to be more close through the social medias like FB, my support , love and respect for you is getting undiminishing…. i just have no suitable language to express my respect & support to a woman like you..!. I just once like to see you in person and talk to… Thankin you.

    Arupratan, Kolhapur, Maharastra, +91 9226296411

  7. Prick says

    Taslima your mind is full of hate to poles. See the paradigm:

    In pic 1, the male is forced to enter vaginas by his pole, tongue, fingers and toes.

    In pic 2, the holes are in such a heat that they want the pole desperately.

    Pic 3 appears to be anal sex. See the position of the fuckers ankles, his pole must be exactly behind that. See the fuckees expression of joy. The other hole is embarrassed and the other pole is masturbating to get ready.

    Taslima what would an equal partner be? Do you say that holes plough the poles?

  8. Kent_Hovind says

    Pagan religions like these are very sexist in their depictions of women. You’d never see a sculpture of Mary being defiled in this way. Not unless some atheist built it.

  9. Raju says

    Mam on this subject your ideas are wrong if you want to know more about Khajurao pls read Osho’s book on the importance of the temples and importantly for kind information Mahatma Gandhji wanted these temples to be demolished but for Rabindranath Tagore’s intervention the modern world would have missed this. The poet in Rabindranath saw something more than Gandhijis limited view like yours.

  10. says


  11. Samarjit Sinha says

    Khajuraho ba konarak ba choushatti joginir mandirer oi kaamoddipak bhaskorjoguli, sondeho nei, purushtontrer obodaan.
    ami jaani na, apni bhuvanesworer choushatti joginir mondirer oi chaar nogno shiv-er utthito lingo dekhechen ki na, sekhane gelei, upolobdhi hoy, bouddho dhormer bojrojaan ponthider probhav kibhabe obhibokto bharotbasir upor porechilo.
    dhormo muloto purushet adhipotyo bistarer ek upay.

  12. says

    //And during sex, women are forced to be passive, because men must dominate.//

    No. Kamasutra tells that sex can be enjoyed only when both are actively involved. When you check the different postures of Kamasutra, you can see this.

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