The only good use of gods



I took two pictures this morning while walking in the streets of Delhi.

We all know that Indians have more mobile phones than toilets. We also know that India needs more toilets than temples. We should also know that most public toilets in India stink, and women wait until they get a toilet even though public toilets are stinky, but men do not wait for anything, they urinate in public. Volunteers tried to stop them from peeing in the streets. They shamed men with their zippers down by drumming and blowing whistles, but it did not work. Men continued peeing and spiting everywhere. They love to pee on the wall. There were campaigns against peeing on the wall, there were posters like ‘Please don’t pee here, thank you’, ‘Please don’t urinate here’, ‘You have to pay fine if you pee here’ etc. But nothing worked. Men continued peeing on the wall. But when god’s pictures were put, men stop peeing on the wall. God is the only thing that can prevent men from urinating in public. I do not know any better use of gods.


  1. Sarita Ahmed says

    Hahaha… very right saying.
    If anything good is done by God’s picture is to STOP men polluting the environment by peeing and spiting publicly in wall , streets, hospitals stairs etc open spaces. Mothers also teach sons to pee everywhere just by unzipping their pants.
    So good use of gods would rightly be this. 🙂 😛

  2. Sarita Ahmed says

    But when the same trick is done to the pictures of great people , men just not care and pee on them . Corporation must not use the photos of brave patriots, Teachers , Humanists for the same reason. Because good human beings must not be in the same queue of gods !
    Isnt it ?

  3. birger johansson says

    If youn have read Neil Gaiman’s book “American Gods” you also know you can sacrifice gods to other gods…

  4. says

    There is a funny Spanish story about that.
    I was told that a famous Spanish poet of the XVI century (Quevedo) used to pee on a certain wall. One day some neighbour hung a cross (the typical cross with Jesus) in that wall with a note “Where there are crosses, you can not pee”. The poet got angry, beacuse that wall was a very convinient place for him to pee. Therefore he peed and wrote on the note “Where the people pee, you can not hang crosses”

    • Latverian Diplomat says

      Urine is sterile when it leaves the body of healthy person, but how long do you think a puddle of urine remains sterile in the open air? And there is the obvious odor issue.

  5. Messenger says

    And who do you want to blame for it? Congress ruled India, especially Delhi for most of the years. Sanjay Gandhi tried to clean up Delhi, but the Muslims opposed him and they probably killed him too.
    When the Italian woman came to power, people hoped that she would bring in some cleanliness, like in Italy. Wrong!!! she is only interested in how much money she can steel from India and keeping India under the control of her family. She could have changed things.

  6. jayeshji says

    If you are of a free mind I can explain these Gods their other uses in math science and its origins, denied by the west.

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