A woman was punished for being gang raped.

Sudan court convicts Ethiopian woman over ‘gang-rape’.

It is nothing new.
We know it very well that we women get harassed, raped, abused, trafficked, tortured and then
we get punished for being harassed, raped, abused, trafficked, tortured. We get killed for not paying
dowry, for not behaving well or for not cooking well.


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    You can be sure there are people saying stupid and racist stuff like “less developed countries” about the case in Ethiopia, as if “western” countries were incapable of violating victims a second time. Cowlitz County is in Washington state.


    Victim of alleged kidnapping, sexual assault arrested to help prove the case

    February 21, 2014 11:00 pm • By Barbara LaBoe

    In October 2012, a woman was held against her will, taped naked to a chair and sexually assaulted. This week, Cowlitz County prosecutors had the same woman arrested to help prove the case against her alleged captors.

    The 43-year-old woman — the victim and prime witness in the case — has not been charged with any crime. She just wasn’t showing up for pre-trial meetings with prosecutors, despite promising to do so several times.

    Stupidity and arrogance equal opportunity, not limited to one group of people.

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