Finally, Banned.

The drama series or mega serial are banned.
The story of three sisters who are struggling to live with dignity and honour is banned.
The truth is banned.
Lies won. Insanity won. Fatwas won. Threats won. Barbarism won.
A bunch of faith-heads, hate mongers, anti-freespeech, filthy misogynist fanatics won.
The government of West Bengal in India made them win. On the 19th of December, 2013.

Some news are here:

1. West Bengal minister says: No place for people who hurt Muslim sentiments in Bengal.

2. The story of three sisters who struggle to live with dignity and honour in Kolkata is now banned.

3.State of free speech: Taslima Nasreen-scripted TV serial Dusahobas’ telecast deferred after Muslim groups object

4.Telecast of TV serial with Taslima’s script deferred.

5. TV serial on Taslima’s writings scrapped after Muslim protests.

6. Al Jazeera says something else.

Not a single episode was broadcasted, but the government banned the TV drama series, the project that could continue for a decade.

Liberal intellectuals are silent about the banning of my serial in India. They protest when Hindu fundamentalists violate a writer’s freedom of expression. They even protest when Muslim fundamentalists attack on a writer’s free speech. But only when that writer is a male, macho, anti-feminist, Salman Rushdie.

We, the ordinary people protested on twitter against the banning of the mega serial. Many people criticized India’s vote bank politics. The politicians are accused of appeasing Muslim religious leaders in India in order to get Muslim votes. This vote bank politics is destroying the democratic principles of the world’s largest democracy.







  1. Friendly says

    So very sorry and disgusted about this, Taslima. Is there anything, besides blogging and writing emails and signing petitions, that people who don’t live in India can do to help reverse this decision?

  2. Mriganka Bhattacharyya says

    There was a hoarding advertising the TV serial here in Dumdum. Only after reading about ‘banning’ on your blogs, I noticed the hoarding was removed…..It is sad……….But I guess majority Indians are rather outraged with the fact that the Indian diplomat in the US was not allowed to enjoy her Indian right to exploit people!

  3. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    That’s awful news.

    But, remember what they’ve clearly forgotten – The Streisand effect

    I think (& sure hope) banning will backfire on them.

    They are afraid of you Taslima and they’ll find, I hope that this ban only reveals their cowardice and impotence in the face of your truth and courage.


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