1. smrnda says

    I think it’s also a better term since ‘honor killing’ makes people think of these as something isolated to one culture, rather than something you can find in all cultures, and even though we all might think the notions of ‘honor’ are bullshit, calling it that might not be the best call.

  2. Mongoose says

    It made me feel sick to my stomach, especially the part where one of the killers describes the murder in such horrendous detail. But I’m so glad I watched it.

    It makes me wonder if there’s anything we can do to help these women. I am of Middle Eastern descent myself, though my family is atheist and I’ve grown up very sheltered from this kind of misogyny. But I can’t help feel this could have been me, had my father been a different kind of man.

  3. UJJAL says

    This is so very sad and brutal. It was quite disturbing to go through the entire video at times. Every time come across such brutal abuse and heinous crimes I think that along with the criminal why the local religious leaders also should not be prosecuted and marooned. It is the religious leader who are more instrumental to inject this religious hatred and abuse.

    Its happening every corner of the world every time.

    Feel so helpless and so anger filled that despite such happenings the educated and rich are still religious and still speak in favor of religion being peaceful ? !

    can I please share this video in FB ?

  4. says

    Banaz mahmood is absolutely right. Honor killing is a violence against women. Killing is always a fierce crime against humanity and human rights. The man has named it ‘honor killing’ to guard their unpardonable offences like killing against women. So, I agree with Banaz that it is misogynistic murder.

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