Mass Virginity Test

350 women were put through virginity test during a mass marriage programme organised by the Madhya Pradesh government in India. marriage-1_660_060813080135 It is not the first time. The same state forced women to have virginity tests during a mass marriage ceremony in 2009. Girja Vyas, the head of national commission of women then said, “Such a shameful act where girls had to reportedly undergo tests to prove their chastity to avail the government’s financial aid were sinful and could not be tolerated in a sane society.”

Of course the heinous crimes have been tolerated. Otherwise how could the same people commit the same crime against women in 2013? In the name of helping poor people through mass marriages the authority provides men tight virgin vaginas, so that men can loose themselves and go fuck them as much as they want. The authority has reduced women to mere vaginas. They believes in women’s chastity. Are they concerned about men’s chastity as well? Of course not. A woman must be a virgin if she wants to get married. Who she is married to is not at all important, Nothing matters if the bridegroom is a polygamous or polygynous man, or a women abuser, a dowry murderer, a trafficker!

Govt-ignore-humanity-in-name-of-social-uplift (1)

Let’s learn about virginity test.

Some cultures require proof of a bride’s virginity prior to her marriage. This has traditionally been tested by the presence of an intact hymen, which was verified by either a physical examination (usually by a physician, who would provide a certificate of virginity) or by a “proof of blood”, which refers to vaginal bleeding that results from the tearing of the hymen. The physical examination would normally be undertaken before the marriage ceremony, while the “proof by blood” involves an inspection for signs of bleeding as part of the consummation of marriage, after the ceremony.

I do not think mass marriage organizers called skilled physicians to do the virginity test. Men in authority know how to do it. They just need a proof of blood. I think they pushed their fingers, their arms, their dicks, their dickheads, their bamboos, their bottles, their iron rods into the vaginas to see how the poor girls bleed. Men like to see women bleeding and crying in pain. They get enormous pleasure exploiting, abusing, humiliating and insulting women. Nothing new.


  1. Quantum Mechanic says

    Men like to see women bleeding and crying in pain. They get enormous pleasure exploiting, abusing, humiliating and insulting women.

    What, all of us?

  2. Tom Robbins says

    @Quantum Mechanic

    Really, right? I mean, I turn into a big ball of sympathy and worry if I see someone cry. If a girl or guy started to during sex, I’d probab freak the fuck out. I know quite well there are tons of men who are assholes, and we need to call them out. But don’t just say “men”. That’s like if I said “women are evil black widows who only want my money in their clutches!” Are some (very, very few, mind you) women like that? Yeah! But I’d still be painting an entire gender with a brush dipped in shit.

  3. Francisco Bacopa says

    These folks really need to learn their anatomy. The hymen in most cases naturally erodes between age 10 and 16. It’s actually abnormal to have much of a hymen in the late teens. And in more sex-positive cultures, erosion of the hymen will have been assisted by masturbation and sexual experimentation in puberty.

    I think in a fully enlightened culture there might only be a vague notion that such a thing as a hymen even exists.

  4. F [nucular nyandrothol] says

    Doesn’t seem like virginity remains intact throughout the test itself. Fail. (For some values of “virginity”, whatever that is.)

  5. Anil says

    This is not a straitforward issue.

    Just intact hymen is not required to prove virginity but even the vagina size is very small till first intercourse. Bleeding occurs on first intercourse even if hymen is not intact.

    First we should understand why men marry and bring home the wife:

    1) Is it for sex? No they can get sex any where very cheaply without so much problems and responsibility they face after marriage.

    2) Is it for Kids? Yes and to be sure that the kids are his only.

    When the wife is not virgin than there will be constant risk of she going and sleeping with her ealier partner/s and giving birth to their kids. This will compromise the objective of marriage. With non virgin wife the husband will be in constant in fear of his wife sleeping with others this will rode him away from mental peace after marriage. Being a non virgin wife the husband will be always suspicious on his wife and will restrict her freedom drastically as he has fear of she sleeping with others.

    Nothing is wrong in virginity test if the girl is going to stay in her husbands home after marriage? It is the right of the husband to know whom he is going to bring to his home after marriage!

    Most of the girls in India are grown like cattle and then dumped in the husbands home for life. They cannot earn even for themselves so when husband divorces them then all hue and cry happens that where will she go? What will she eat? As if it is husbands fault that she cannot earn and feed her stomach. It should be parents responsibility to ensure that their daughters can earn and live by themselves. Even the property rights for the girls in their parents properties should be implemented very strictly as mostly the girls are ‘convinced’ to give their share to the brothers. Only after the wife has given birth to the Husbands kids and till the kids are staying with the husband the wife should be given property rights as this fullfills the objective of the marriage!

    For a simple office job series of interviews are done, back ground checks are done, other documentation is signed, even though the job is not of life time. But when a girl is going to live in mens home for life than why he should not know she is virgin or not? And when husband decides to divorce than he has to give her maintenance as if it his fault that she cannot earn or is it the price for doing sex with her?

    Why the girl has to hide that she is not virgin? If she has given her virginity to someone before marriage than she should marry that person. Even if she marries someone that person will know about her non virginity and it will spoil life of both of them for life.

    Now the question will arise about the virginity of men. But the point should be noted that in India after marriage girls go to stay in husbands home after marriage and even stakes claim to his income and property so men must know that they are marrying a virgin girl or not.

    If men are required to go and stay at the girls home after marriage and stake claim in her income and property than even those girls have right to know that the men are virgin are not.

    Its simple economics. Every one should have the control on whom they are bringing home to share their income and property.

    In more simple terms if you want to work in Microsoft than Microsoft will take your interview as per their wish and it will never be vice versa!

    • Jockaira says

      When the wife is not virgin than there will be constant risk of she going and sleeping with her ealier partner/s and giving birth to their kids.

      It’s a shame that you aren’t more trusting of women. Is this the way your mother, sisters, and daughters would act? Do you know for a fact, the true indentity of your father? Maybe you need to find a higher-calibre feminine company.

      • VJ says

        My, aren’t you full of the things women “should” do? Take your “shoulds” and shove them. Women “should” do exactly what decent men do: Whatever the hell they want, without harming other people in the process. Anything less isn’t good enough.

        And you aren’t good enough, either.

  6. Pen says

    I do not think mass marriage organizers called skilled physicians to do the virginity test. Men in authority know how to do it. They just need a proof of blood.I think they pushed their fingers, their arms, their dicks, their dickheads, their bamboos, their bottles, their iron rods into the vaginas to see how the poor girls bleed. Men like to see women bleeding and crying in pain. They get enormous pleasure exploiting, abusing, humiliating and insulting women. Nothing new.

    As much as this story reflects despicable attitudes to women you know that’s not what happened. You know, as we all do, that the purpose of this disturbing obsession with virginity is to deliver virgins to bridegrooms. You know that a hymen breached even by non sexual means can invalidate the virginity of a woman such that young women avoid tampons, riding bicycles etc. So you know the inspection, whatever it consisted of, was intended to leave the hymen intact and that the proof of blood follows consummation by the bridegroom. I can’t understand why you’ve written this, apparently without irony or humour aforethought. Isn’t the situation of women bad enough without indulging in horror fantasies to make it worse?

  7. Robert Ludlum says

    Anil, respectfully speaking… marriage is an institution of love, not economics. If you want to reduce it to the level of a “transaction” then there’s something wrong with you, i.e you’re a cannon of an older generation and fail to grasp the concept that a marriage is to based on issues of love and not issues of who’s supporting whom and who’s bringing the bread to the table. You speak about women not earning for themselves, but sir being a housewife is one of the most difficult tasks they perform. It is easy for the male species to earn the bread that comes to the table but it takes rare skill and finesse to butter that very bread and make it edible and that sir, is the job entrusted to a woman. And about women claiming part of the property after divorce..of course she will !! Isn’t the whole idea behind dowry supposed to be ‘The husband is taking responsibility for the wife for the rest of their life and so the wife’s family pays a compensation’ Well if the divorce goes through then the husband is free from the responsibility so of course she has every right to claim a certain part of his property!! Or do you normally want to have the piece of the cake and eat it as well?…. that aside the question of how much property who gets is a matter for who hires the better lawyer… but a wife does have the right to claim the property. As for men’s virginity not being tested. Sir, if the woman is not a virgin it’ll ruin the marriage for both but if the man is a serial adulterer then I believe the woman is just supposed to suck it up and carry on? (no puns intended)… you think that’ll not ruin the marriage?? You think there’ll be a lotta trust in the relationship? and then when the woman wants to divorce that worthless piece of shit that goes about banging everything that moves you still are of the opinion that she doesn’t have any claim on his property for the emotional damage caused?…. I ask you sir..if a truck rammed into your car today would you not seek compensation??
    Lastly it is because of depraved people like you who do not know how to respect the very beings you were born out of that our country is in its current predicament where cops have the guts to try and silence the family of a five year old raped kid. Remember sir, a woman is born with a tiger in between her thighs (To paraphrase a line of a poem that was published in either The Statesman or The Hindu sometime back), and it is a folly to disrespect your very source of existence. So sir I’ll wrap up my speech with a very eloquent request of asking you to ‘Shut up and take a lesson in manners’.

  8. Anil says

    Dear Robert,

    If marriage is the institution of love, not economics than why husband should be forced to give share of his property to his wife, if love is powerful than he will give the share. I am not reducing the level to “transaction” but it gets reduced to the level of “transaction” by wives demanding maintenance and property share.

    You are right marriage should be based on issue of love. Doing something for the lover is the spirit of the love. So you will agree that there can be no compulsion in Love. If any one partner does not love the other than the basis for marriage is finished and thus marriage is over. So without Love a marriage can not continue. Without Love a marriage is like a cage of 2 birds.

    You are right that house wives task is very hard than how come those tasks are of no use to her after divorce that’s why she wants share of husbands property and earnings after marriage. This overall concept of husband paying maintenance to wife after divorce and wives making claims for husbands property is again akin to transaction and not love. Is it not similar to a prostitute asking for reimbursement for her sexual services?

    It is the fault of the Parents that they do not make their daughters capable for earning for them selves. Most of the parents of daughters dump their daughters to their husbands after marriage and think that their responsibility is finished. So the poor husband has no choice but to tolerate the wife even if he does not love her because she cannot earn for herself.

    The whole idea behind dowry is pursuing the best available Man for the woman by her parents and that too by paying Dowry. In olden days, when the concept of dowry started the ratio of girls to boys were more so there were always more girls available for marriage viz to viz the boys. Thus the boys were in demand. The Father of every girl wanted his daughter to be married to the best available man. Thus this Dowry system was started by such rich fathers. Dowry was like paying premium for the best available man and it is not for feeding the wife.

    Any pediatrician will say that the immune system of infant girls is more powerful than infant boys at birth so the survival rate during first few years after birth is high so in olden days more girls survived so their population was more than boys. In past few decades due to availability of technology of finding out the sex of the child in womb the population of girls has decreased as they are getting aborted before birth. This is a very evil practice.

    Dowry is not the universal concept of Indian marriages but is only in few of the castes and that only in few regions. There are many castes where the dowry is paid by the Groom’s parents.

    It is a big joke that the dowry amount is for expense of the wife as when the amount of dowry is exhausted on the expense of the wife within a year than are her parents going to pay for her further expenses?

    So you even mean to say that those husbands who do not get dowry do not feed their wife! Why the girls parents paying dowry? Are the boys parents keeping gun on their head to pay dowry? No! The girls parents can straight way reject such grooms but they want to pay the premium to get the best available man for their daughter.

    The question of girls virginity comes in picture because she is coming to the boys home after marriage. Thus the terms will be decided by the boys family that they want a virgin girl or a whore. If they want a whore than they will marry a whore. What is a big deal in it? Many film actresses are marrying again and again, they are facing no problem.

    Even the girls should ask for virginity test of boys but first the girls should show the guts to bring husbands to their home after marriage. It is like working as a software Engineer in Microsoft and than deciding the terms for Bill Gates! Start your Software company and if Bill Gates comes for job to your company than decide his terms.

    The marriage and wives property right should not be interlinked as it insults the institution of marriage and equates it to Prostitution. The Prohibition of Prostitution act defines prostitution as a sexual service given by a woman in return for money or other favors (property).

    When a wife demands for maintenance after divorce, it is on what basis? What propriety she has? Is it because she gave sexual services to her Husband? Has she stooped to the level of a prostitute?

    You say that Love is the basis of Marriage then when there remains no love in a marriage than is it not better to dissolve the marriage at the earliest and let both of them live their life separately as per their wish of another marriage or solitude? But your concept is that the wife should keep on torturing the husband by her non propriety, prostitute like demands.

    The process of divorce should be very simple and fast as the society has no right to forcefully make 2 people live together who have no love for each other remaining. The wife wastes her time and money in fighting court cases for maintenance and property share. The husband wastes his time and money responding those court cases.

    The precious time wasted in court cases can be utilized by both husband and wife to marry someone else and start a new life.

    If the work of housewife is so much important than how she cannot even feed her belly after divorce?

    If wife is so much expert in doing housewife’s work than any other man will marry her so why she has to cling her first husband and suck his blood like a bug by taking maintenance and property share.

    Just imagine a woman taking 50% share from her 1st husbands property after divorce than marrying 2nd husband than divorcing him and taking 50% share from his property than marrying 3rd husband than divorcing him and taking 50% share from his property than marrying 4th husband than divorcing him and taking 50% share from his property than marrying 5th husband than divorcing his and taking 50% share from his property. It will be a Merry go round for her. Just by sleeping with the husbands she is earning a fortune.

    Will her earnings be not many times greater than the costliest Call Girls on Earth?

    The institution of Marriage should be on Love and not on material transaction!

    Children are the only basis for marriage and all the expectations and restrictions on woman come because the husband wants his own children and not of his wives ex or extra marital affairs!

    All these privileges will be available for wives when they start taking husbands to their home after marriage!

    Woman have been pampered so much that they cannot even feed their stomach without their husbands.

    But till their is love in marriage all above things do not come in picture and wife gets much more than 50% from her Husband and kids.

  9. Bhaskar Thumma says

    What is the need of virginiy test to be cnducted by the Government? It is also a kind of superstition.

  10. says

    Taslima ji,

    You got a few facts wrong … ! This wasn’t a “VIRGINITY-TEST” prior to their marriage. This was more of a general Medical Check-up for all Men and Women who were the Brides and Grooms to-be in this mass-marriage ceremony completely sponsored by the State Govt. of M.P. You should appreciate the initiative that the Govt. took the responsibility of getting the poor daughters married without any burden to the parents. All these girls and the boys were from the ADIVAASI (Tribals) community, which are the native inhabitants from the jungle areas. No doubt, they are poor and living below the poverty line. Mostly, these people are denied of basic Medical facilities as well.

    Hence the Govt. of M.P. decided to perform medical checkup, which included THALASSAEMIA and other blood-deficiency related check-ups, for all the participants to be married. This was done with a noble intention of ensuring physical health of the brides and the grooms both, so that they can lead a happy married life and do not perish within a year of getting married. Men were examined for Tobacco and Alcohol related problems as well.

    One bride to-be was found 4 months pregnant just before the wedding. IF these medical tests were not conducted, it would had been all hunky-dory, right ??

    Kindly refrain from publishing articles without complete and accurate information. This one seemed a lot biased as if it was your desperate attempt to bring down the very honest Govt. of M.P., who is inspired by their very prosperous neighbours on the west.

    May the almighty bless you with enough sanity and logic to analyze all aspects of any event before putting forward your valuable thoughts on it.

    Aashish Vaghela
    A Proud Gujju, a Proud Indian !
    Jai Hind !!

  11. kamini raj says

    Anil you are by far the stupidest human being i have come across. Its men like you whom make Indian men look terrible

    • Sneha says

      Kamini (or Kaamini),

      Do not forget you are on the blog of Taslima Nasreen whose voice cannot be throttled by the mightiest Jehadist. Every one has full right to express their thoughts. If you are intelligent than give a point to point rebuttal to Anil instead of behaving like a maniac! Woman like you cannot even make a proper argument but just know to throttle others voice.

      I thought a lot and could not find any moral basis for wife asking for share in income and property of husband after divorce. Anil has a valid point that the basis for marriage is love and if love is not remaining than the marriage is null and void. Only a prostitute can ask for benefits in exchange for sex not a lover! There are so many lover couples whose relationship breaks-up so the females does not ask for compensation? That is the true spirit of Love!

      All judicial systems of world originate from Natural Law of Justice and Natural Law of Justice does not allow to differentiate between gender of a person. Man and woman are equal and should be treated equal in law.

      Till love is remaining between husband and wife, they can give to each other anything or everything they earn, own, inherit as per their wish! I fully agree that their can be no Compulsion in Love!

      • American Stud says

        My argument would be, the woman who stays at home to raise children so husband can work is entitled to 50% of assets gained during marriage; they would not exist if he was not free to go work while at the same time, she is forced to disengage from money making activities due to the needs of the family, household, and children he helped create. Her role in his success is every bit as important as his.

        Cherish your wife gentlemen; you would not have what you have, without the effort she makes; YOU OWE HER B-I-G T-I-M-E !

  12. Anindya Pal, Kolkata says

    In India even widower or divorced man is also 2nd grade groom. It is not good that nobody will care about the virginity of the would be bride. Rather I suggest the bride should raise question about virginity of the groom also. They should come forward with the demand that, ‘ I am virgin and I marry to virgin groom only.’

  13. American Stud says

    The very sad truth is, many of those “Non-virgins” may have very well been virgins after all. The hymen can be ruptured by things like riding a bicycle, climbing a fence, gymnastic activity, aggressive cleaning, medical procedures, falls and other non-sex related activities. Some women never have a hymen to begin with… It happens.

    My thoughts are, the person or group that came up with this dumb-ass “Examination” did not know enough about a woman’s body to even know these were potential causes of a broken hymen. In addition, a man that is so worried about a woman having a broken hymen or not being a virgin, is only worried because he is afraid his penis will not satisfy her sexually because of its small size.

    Here is a thought, stop being a momma’s boy and lift some weights, build up some muscles in your little dick bodies and your penis will grow. Oh yeah, you didn’t know the penis is not a “Bone” did you; it’s a muscle.

    Hey there Asian officials… take a f#@kin’ anatomy class before passing laws and rules relating to the human body. Now, go f#@k each other up the a$$ since no women want a “Micro-penis” (It’s that thing between your legs)

    Peace ..i.. ..i.. B!t@he$


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