No other species can do it. Only human can.

No other species would rape their babies and insert bottles into the genitals of their babies. A 200 ml bottle and a few pieces of candles were inserted into a 5-year-old girl’s genitals and she was repeatedly raped by a thirty plus man who kidnapped her and locked her in his house for two days. The bottle is now in the baby’s abdominal cavity.

No other species would do it except humans because humans top the list of the most intelligent species!


  1. Francisco Bacopa says

    How did they even get it up for a for a five year old? I probably could have got it up for a 12yo or a little younger when I was 16, but my first inclination would have been “we need to get you home, little girl”. Same response I had to overly intoxicated women in their late teens and twenties when I was that age. Who can take her home? Not the rapey guy. How did he end up at this party anyway? Well. I guess we can prop her up on the couch with a pillow that holds her head sideways so she won’t choke if she vomits.

  2. says

    This is disgusting. However, I think some other species are capable of highly cruel and bizarre sex acts as well (not that they can be held responsible for them, lacking self-awareness). Just today I read a story about some sea otters who forcibly mate with baby seals, drowing them in the process, and sometimes continuing to mate with the seal’s corpse for up to 7 days. 🙁

  3. says

    And so Humans specially Men commit crimes/ Rape/murders/ genocides/ female foeticide ..most intelligently. No matter who. From 5yrs to 50 yrs ..all are under hu-man paws..!. common guys, humans are omnivorous afterall !!!!!!!

  4. Shplane, Spess Alium says

    Like Winterwind said, animals can be pretty awful, too.

    Humanity isn’t special, not even in our vileness.

  5. Being atheist says

    They are not human, they dont deserve to be called human…but you cant even call them animal…it would be insult to animals.

  6. Urmila Mathonkar says

    Am I born and existing in this world just to satisfy the men who wield their penis like a sword? Am I born just to endure pain for the pleasure of men? Am I considered just a hole and not a whole? Am I to bear the life time of pain – say menstrual pain, sexual pain, child birth pain etc because I have a different anatomy. I wish I had a penis because:

    (1) you can pee standing up
    (2) you don’t bleed once a month
    (3) don’t have to go the gynecologist get pap tests and deal with other female problems
    (4) you don’t have to give birth
    (5) chances of rape is reduced
    (7) you don’t get the fishy/unpleasant odour/yeast infections,etc
    (8) I know I would have a big erection haha
    (9) you are not forced to deepthroat and swallow and I could know what if feels like to get head
    (10) I would play with myself everyday couple times a day
    (11) I could brag about it being big like all guys do!!
    (12) I wouldn’t get lectured about telling to suck penis and how it is that is not ladylike not to suck and swallow it. Disgusting !!
    (13) I can pee on people/off of buildings
    (14) I can see my sex organ directly

    Alas ! But being a woman I cannot be a man as per my desire. But a man can change his anatomy to be a woman. Why this curse?

  7. Valerie Solanas says

    I have a friend who was raped as a baby many times in the u.s.a. A satanic group was responsible for this. The great news is that one of them died in a fire! How ironic…These evil fuckers don’t treat their own sex as awfully as this. I’d love to hear about these murderous men getting a bottle stuck up their asses! Some men purpously insert live gerbils into their asses by the way! Men have no conscious-feelings-love in their cold hearts to be able to do this to a little harmless baby. What about the mum?! She just gave birth and now look what she has to deal with… If it were a bratty little boy-everything would be different..I wish these men would be castrated and have their smelly dicks and balls shoved down their throats!!

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