Blogs on atheism are banned in a so called ‘liberal Muslim country’!

Bangladesh has been banning blogs that criticize Islam and Muhammad. It is nothing but a horror story.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission sent a letter to asking for information about six of its bloggers. But refused to do so.

As per Bangladesh Telecommunication Control Act, BTRC can ask for information from anyone having telecommunication license or any Internet user to ensure proper usage of information technology,” BTRC said in the statement.

It also said according to law, not providing it with the sought information was a punishable crime.

The government has already formed a committee in wake of the recent allegations against some blogs and Facebook pages that they were hurting people’s religious feeling misusing social networking sites. The committee will recommend taking actions against those involved in such acts.

Atheists are under attack.
Why do we have to save the ass of a charlatan for centuries?
Who do Muslim countries think it is their right to violate people’s human rights and the right to freedom of expression?
And, why do the international community think they all should shut their mouth when enlightened atheists get jailed,banned, mutilated and slaughtered for the sake of 7th century myths?


  1. KK Singh says

    Why atheism? Why no democracy? Why oppression on women, workers, peasants? Why national oppression, why crush minorities?
    Many questions but answer is only, that is, to save the interest of capital. Capital begets capital unless checked by workers, the oppressed, the exploited and independence of capital is threatened. Existance of private property, the base of capital, is threatened.
    Before the final battle, all means initially peacefully and later voilantly, are used to crush such movements. All such jargons as listed in first paragraph is used, like life for motherland, to break the unity of workers and to divert all energy else where, rather fight against capitalism or Imperialism.
    Simple but it has become so complicated that truth is way behind the layers of lies.
    Only answer to the sufferings of human being is Socialism.

  2. Dr B N Mohapatra says

    Human intelligence is the supreme power and no human effort should be made to suppress human intellectuality. Who knows that one serious atheist may reveal the real address of God one day! Hence, it is foolish and detrimental to human growth and civilization to ban a thought process, which can not materially harm the society. It is a free world and every one has right to his/her thoughts. If thoughts are blocked, the civilization will get throttled.

  3. Truth Boy says

    Di, Im sure BD’s Gen-Y will protest against it.
    Its directly attempt on freedom. We have to protest against it.

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