Not only the Islamists, the government is now harassing atheists in Bangladesh.

‘It is time to refuse to tiptoe around people who claim respect, consideration, special treatment, on the grounds that they have a religious faith, as if having a faith were a privilege endowing virtue, as if it were noble to believe in unsupported claims and ancient superstitions.’ – A. C. Grayling

It seems a group of Islamists is fighting against another group of Islamists in Bangladesh. The government created a panel to check comments on Islam and the prophet.

The government on Wednesday formed a nine-member committee to identify and take action against those making derogatory remarks against Islam and Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) using Facebook and blogs.

Press Secretary to the Prime Minister Abul Kalam Azad said Mainuddin Khandakar, an Additional Secretary in the Ministry of Home, has been made the head of the committee on the directive of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

He added that the home ministry would take necessary action on the basis of the recommendations of the committee.

The committee could take help from experts and give secretarial support to the ministry, he said.

The committee would apprise the Prime Minister’s Office of the progress of its assignment.

Members of the committee would be drawn from the PMO, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), Law and Judicial Department, Information Ministry and the Religious Affairs Ministry, while directors-general of the NSI and the DGFI, and the Additional DIG of Special Branch would also be included.

When the Islamists called the anti war-criminals atheists, the anti war-criminals vehemently denied they were atheists. They have been claiming of being pious Muslims. Instead of saving and supporting atheists for their right to be atheists, the government decided to harass atheists. The government and the Islamic terrorists are now sharing the same platform to fight against atheists.

The bloggers left Shahbag out of fear. They have been killed, stabbed, threatened by the Islamists. Now they are going to be hounded by the government.
The terrorists of Jamaat-e-Islami love the prophet, Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister, also love the prophet. Their love for their prophet is so extreme that they can behead or imprison atheists! The Bangladesh government, exactly like the heinous Islamists, do not believe in freedom of expression. They know very well that Islam and freedom of expression can not co-exist.

It was a few atheist bloggers who started Shahbag revolution for secularism in Bangladesh. They are now gone. A group of Islamists are fighting another group of Islamists for their own interests. Whoever wins the fight, will not let secularism win.


  1. gm says

    Problem with Bangladeshi Islamic Muslims:
    If Bangladesh had Pakistan as neighbour instead of India and if India was geographically at Pakistan, then Bangladeshi would be happy and they could have honored the Pakistani with various Friends of Bangladesh Awards without any heartburning in many fanatic Muslims in Bangladesh. Because for a Muslim, illiterate or literate, it is much easier to reward and regard a good work of a fellow Muslim , But same samaritan jobs are done by the so called Kafirs …Toba Toba !! But a nation was after all freed with foreign support of Kafirs ! And what a shame for the Islamist who broke away from India on the basis of their own religion of Allah! This shame was sapping the confidence of the Bangladeshi Govt and its Islamist fanatic people for last thirty years. But a nation who do not recognise its true friends at the crucial juncture of freedom struggle, disintegrate further. That was what has been happening. The present govt of Bangladesh is just rectifying the past mistakes of not honoring the friends who saved many more millions of Bangladeshi lives. But the vast illiterate majority of Muslims in Bangladesh do not like this or else why they would not welcome the President of a country who was instrumental with back-door engagement to help Indian govt’s top leadership to declare Bangaldesh Govt in Exile. And as a mark of respect to such friend for which many nation would be envious, the Khaleda bibi sent EMAIL EMAIL ….and a hand made bomb to crack near President’s resting place. And if this this the leader of opposition of a nation called ” Bangladesh” , that nation will be turn back to the CAVE AGE soon ! Greetings for CAVE AGE journey!

  2. says

    Until now, a total of 830 people have won the Nobel Prize. Among them, the number of Jewish people is 185, and number of Muslims that are Nobel Laureates is only 10!!

    So the question is obvious. What are the Muslims doing? Look at Bangladesh and you will find the answer. They are now busy chanting a slogan: WE WILL TURN BANGLADESH INTO AFGHANISTAN. Here’s a poem for you to understand this phenomena:

  3. Mujtahidul Haque says

    I haven’t met a prominent politician anywhere in the world who takes any religion seriously. They all do this to show their constituents they care.

    That being said, I think Hasina is simply caving in to the demands of the Islamists, who are still an extremely large and angry voting block who will destroy their country to get their way. I have family in southwestern Bangladesh and they all seem to unanimously agree that these trials are an attack on Islam and nothing more.

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