Brainwashing young generation!

This Palindrome video is for fun or for creating confusion. But it ultimately says that family and children are/should be more important for women than work.
We always see that women worry about combining marriage, children, and a career. Do the members of the ‘lost generation’ ever ask: ‘why don’t men worry about combining marriage, children, and a career?’ Or do they believe household chores and child care are a woman thing, not a man thing?


  1. says

    Awesome! liked this video.
    Unfortunately people are habituated with it. Seems everything is written down in their life line. When you read your horoscope then you even can read your future example – “Travelling in this month is not recommended” so even someone has to travel in that particular month they have to cancel that believing that shit.

  2. rofler says

    Family and children are not work at all, any work you can do in your pyjamas and think its difficult shows your own retarded value of what work means.

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