Bravo Iranian Women! I Salute You!

I wish all veiled Muslim women could remove their veils, get nude, and say loudly:

‘Hijab is not my choice.
Islam wants to control women.
Women have the right to get their rights, human rights, equality, freedom.
Hijab is not my choice.
Hijab is a tool for discrimination against women.
No to hijab.
No to Sharia law.
No to Islam.
No to religion.
Just freedom.
Just equality.
My nudity is my protest.
Protest to Sharia law.’

Campaigns for rights and freedom are always worthy and wonderful.


  1. frinp says

    in before people saying any of the following

    a: y so no self respect
    b: what message are teh mans supposed to take from this show of exhibitionism
    c: this shows why civilisation is going downhill and needs to accept [insert religion here]
    d: yeah, this will definitely help their cause, NOT! these uppity wimmenz are shooting themselves in the foot here

    If I had any money, I would bet that at least one of these would be posted. But I do not, so too bad, folks.

    As for my opinion? Good on you, sisters. Your ideas are beautiful, and so are your bodies, and neither should have to be hidden.

    Sad little men who cannot handle their own sexuality will just have to go extinct.

  2. Exploding Mary says

    When I was in college (here in the USA) taking a feminist essay course, a classmate from Iran was constantly under fire for her country’s attitudes towards women, and the first item, of course, was always the chador. It’s such a total covering, it was hard for the rest of us to wrap our minds around, being born in the USA, being of a generation to whom extreme self-expression was a completely natural impulse.

    She made me rethink the issue when she said that for her, it wasn’t necessarily the stifling garment we thought; that it was source of privacy, that she could feel “quiet inside” away from prying eyes and such, and know a stillness of self that western attire didn’t seem to grant her. I learned from her observation, and certainly her viewpoint is valid– yet it is still a small consolation for grown women who are issued uniforms, of a sort, not because of any service they have taken up (like the Army or priesthood), but because their bodies and selves are understood to be inherently sinful.

    What I mean here, I guess, is that indoctrination is so powerful a force, our sisters will need all the help they can get to get free– for they are also imprisoning themselves, inside those garments, and it’s very difficult to throw off that oppression. Unless they can get out from under their misogynistic religion, no amount of nudity will matter. Still, it’s powerfully symbolic, and I applaud them for taking the risks. And am glad there are men standing with them.

  3. Duke Eligor says

    Maybe this is just a stereotype, maybe not. But, the Iranian women I’ve known don’t play games. They fight. And they think at the same time. I’ve always been inspired by the women of Iran for that. Great post; thank you.

  4. Aziel Da Tanjim says

    look… I think you are totally handicapped. Coz we the men even don walk in road in nude…. Under the waist what attracts women we don like that every women look our penis or our buttock…. So your opinion about nude of women is ……. !!!!

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