Who is afraid of Muslim fanatics?

Most Indian films are unreal patriarchal musical. I don’t watch Indian films unless the films are made by excellent filmmakers like Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak, Aparna Sen, Rituparno Ghosh, Kaushik Ganguly, Shyam Benegal, Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Viswaroopam is not my kind of film. I will not watch the film but I will defend the rights of others to watch it. It is a spy thriller film, directed by Kamal Haasan, a South Indian actor.

Muslim groups wanted a ban on screening of Viswaroopam, so it was banned. The film was also banned in Malaysia and UAE.

Coward countries are banning the film. Coward cinemas are not going to show the film. Almost everybody is having a fear of Muslim fanatics. Almost everything in this modern world hurt the sentiments of Muslims. The fanatics have the freedom to do whatever they like. They can make books, films, paintings banned if they want. They can threatened to kill anyone. And they can get away with it.

Democracy will not be real democracy, freedom of expression will remain a myth, human rights will continue to be violated if the authorities continue banning everything Muslim fanatics ask for. The authorities should stop bowing their heads before the weird demands of ignorant idiots. Islam must not be exempt from the critical scrutiny other religions have gone through. If Muslim fanatics try to burn the cities, destroy public properties, start riot, they should be punished for the crimes they commit. They have no right to escape the law only because they are Muslims and they have sentiments. Short sighted politicians who try to appease Muslim fanatics are the enemies of the countries. It is time to reject them. The world will be a better place if the authorities stop being afraid of religious fanatics.


  1. jaytheostrich says

    Too bad they don’t just content themselves with making art and literature outlining how great Islam is.. oh wait, nobody would fall for that anyways.

  2. says

    Good article, but a little bit off in the end.

    It is not fear of the ‘fanatics’ – the fanatics and extremists would be very GLAD to see Muslims portrayed as them!T That is their goal – to pressurise middle-of-the-road Muslims to take sides.

    What such films do is give more recruits to the fanatics and extremists. Think about it.

    • says

      I wonder why only muslims always have sentiments and always looking for some kind of reasons to justify their act?

      Do muslim believe that non muslims will tolerate all the time?How many people times muslim need to prove that they’re right and others are wrong……well forgive me brother i do trust muslims that they’re indeed from respected religion but after i go through all the wrong doing by muslims and yet always deny their action is why they’re not respected anymore because it is true that most of the extremists are muslims and you(muslims) cannot deny it……you may say all religious have extremist may be you’re right but their’re not slaughtering people like cattle like muslim terrorists.

      The problem is with their religious because of the teching is not right thats why they act like barbarians and they will say Islam is given by ALLAH to eliminate barbarian era….bull shit.

      This world will be peaceful and all the people can live happily if ISLAM never exist……this is fact and true.

      All the problems are started by muslims because even world population converted to Islam still peace will not be achieved….just look at muslim majority countries..are they living in peace or will they respect the non muslims?

      The only way to make muslims to realize that non muslims starting to side lining them is to boycott muslims services and product and don’t donate blood or organ to muslims…let they get from their beloved brothers and sisters from all over the world.

      • PEACE MAKE says

        100% TRUE. If islam not created we all are happy in our own world see what pakisthan is doing in the same name of islam to india. Even some indian muslisms are also want ot destory other religon and people who wroshipping it,
        They are cowards. Buchers, Satans everything whatever you put it will fit to islam. Bullshit religion.

        • Asha says

          Your comment about Islam being a “bullshit” religion is downright rude and disgusting. What are you? Hindu? Christian? How would you feel if someone called your religion “bullshit?” It doesn’t matter if other people don’t believe in what you do, but it is wrong on so many levels for you to put down what others have faith in.

          Islam and the Quaran do not at all condone violence. People that do harmful things to others “in the name of Islam” are not true Muslims. Just like almost every religion, Islam preaches against hatred and violence, and promotes kindness and love. If some people want to take it to another crazy level, the whole religion should not be held accountable for that. What about the Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists? They all commit horrible crimes too. It’s just that in today’s world, the media tends to point a finger at the stereotypical suspects – Muslims. That stereotype is disgusting and wrong. EVERYONE sins. EVERYONE commits crimes. I’m not at all saying that that makes it okay to go killing people — it definitely does not. However, I just want to point out that people of all nationalities and religions commit horrendous crimes, it’s just that the media tends to highlight things done by “Muslims.”

          And as I said before, regardless of what such criminals call themselves, they are not true Muslims, Christians, etc if they commit such acts of sheer terrorism. Such immense acts of hatred are against just about all religions. Muslims are some of the kindest, most honest and considerate people I know. It is despicable to blame a whole, wonderful religion for the stupid acts of some crazy people who do not truly belong to that religion anyway.

    • Basileus says

      “Middle of the road” muslims are joining the fanatics anyways because they believe the tripe they hear in Mosques

  3. AVIJIT DAS says

    Excellent article expressing the truth !
    The attitude of GOVTs would never change, It is Fear of fanatics !! the authorities would never stop being afraid of religious fanatics. Because in our country every matter every incident ultimately ends up into politics, Govt takes every action against or in favor of any incident keeping in mind that is that action is going to increase their vote bank or decrease it. I feel for the Cinema Hall owners, they are scared of those Muslim Fanatics they know those fanatics can do anything. They don’t fall in human category. If our govt was brave enough they would have supported the film to be screened properly. freedom of expression will remain a myth in our countries, what else we can expect here? here cartoonist cant express their thought, Writers cant write the truth.Govt itself is guilty & these encourages those religious fanatics.They get encouragement directly or indirectly from the Govt itself. these religious fanatics are born to do this nasty things, this is their nature,This is in born instinct, Actually the fact is Govt doesn’t know how to nip things in the buds. Does our Govt know how countries like JAPAN treats Muslim fanatics ? yes Govt knows but pretends to be blind, we can borrow chapters after chapters of principles from other countries Constitution but we cant follow their steps which makes them better from other countries ! Shame !!

    • bugsy says

      i wonder why this so called saviours of islam never protested against pakistanis atrocities in indian soil.wasnt that a threat to islam or its principles,or wasit because of being their brotheren in faith gives them impunity.utter foolishness..
      indian secularism works only for hindus perhaps.pity is muslim secularists are scared to death to expose the real islamic nature while being honest to it..

  4. umarabdullah says

    Freedom of speech is a fact, but absolute freedom of speech is pure nonsense. It does not exist in reality.
    Take the following analogy; The whole of India knows about our lawyer politician Subramaniya Swamy and his views on Tamil Eelam and his hatred towards Tamil tigers after they were accused of masterminding the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.

    Now let us say Swamy produces a Tamil language movie. The main theme of the movie is justifying the oppression, persecution, atrocities, massacre, killings and slaughter of the Sri Lankan Tamils by the “peace loving” Buddhist army of Sinhalese and to equate the fact the fact that the struggle for a separate Tamil Eelam is similar to Zionism of Israel.

    The film gets approval by the Delhi censor board but a huge majority of 7 crore Tamil population in TN protest and threaten a massive law and order situation in the country. What should the TN Govt do? Remember a few Sri Lankan air force guys who came to TN for training were sent back to Sri Lanka simply because the Tamils did not want Sinhalese getting training in TN

    There is a big double standard in our dealings. Are minorities measured by a different yard stick?
    I agree the film Viswaroopam should be eventually allowed but the same Indian constitution gives the people concerned to make a protest based on the same law.

  5. K-Dogg says

    Haven’t read a lot of the comments on here so apologies that this comment is not necessarily a response or even relevant, but with the recent Woolwich attacks I just felt the need to vent some frustrations and worries.

    I’m uk born but of Indian ethnicity, but I’m easily mistaken for a Muslim. As if race relations aren’t strained enough with the usual anti immigration sentiment that accompanies a faltering economy and the justifiably bad press that Muslim fanatics get, the Woolwich attacks will no doubt cause a back lash. Inevitable, even understandable. But I’m a little anxious walking the streets now, looking the way I do. Can imagine a gang of white youths deciding to take me out.

    Worry for my family too. I guess this is how terrorism works!

    I’m a fierce opponent of the stupidity of all religions, but when one is used so dangerously I find myself just wishing for its extinction.

    • Basileus says

      My sympathies. I agree. I never had anything against anyone of any ethnicity until the Saudi Arabs decided to spread islam violently in the west since the 80s-90s using the arrogant PC morons as lapdogs. Very few people had anything against anyone from India region. That has changed entirely due to muslims. The blame is entirely theirs. Note – the number of Sikhs for example being welcomed into the fold by even the BNP, Muslims are attacking ALL religions, and the PC filth attack all religions in DEFENCE of muslim extremists like the gullible fools they are

  6. Basileus says

    The reason why muslims are as extremist, aggressive, and constantly demanding preferential treatment in the west is the self-serving, self-righteous, self-important PC ranters. THEY are the reason the muslims demands and extremism has gone through the roof since the 80s. Ironically, it is linked to the homosexual and lesbian counter culture amongst the PC hypocrites, and they have included “You cannot criticize islam” in their ranting along with their attacks on (christian only) people who object to homosexuality shoved in their face. They’ve managed to alter laws in homosexual favour, while grovelling to muslims – muslims, who’d happily have every gay and lesbian dangling at the end of a rope.
    And feminists. They HATE males being males. (A disproportionate amount of them are middle class lesbians) but muslim domination of women is ignored even pandered to by these hypocritical bitches. A christian man wanting his wife to wear a skirt is hounded and screamed at, even to the point (seriously) threatened with prison, yet a muslim demanding his wife covers herseelf head to toe with an inhuman eye slit is GROVELLED TO, even campaigning on BEHALF of this inhuman treatment by these stinking hypocritical self-serving cows.
    It really is obscene

  7. yn says

    yes, you have no idea how hard it is to live in mostly muslim country. if something happens, the muslims having a riot, harrasing people, their defense is that they’re doing it in the teaching of their God. What kind of right gave them to do so, just because that? I live in a multi-religion country. Every religions are different. Just because muslims are majority, doesnt mean that they can do whatever they like. Now there’s a case of voting the governor of the capital city. Just because the vice governor who is choosen is a christian and the governor himself is a mualaf(non-muslim who turned into muslim). They harrased them and keep making some kind of comments or acts against them, just because they are different. How’s that for peace loving? They keep saying that “dont let others take our country, it’s ours, not their”. I mean, c’mon, this is not a strictly muslims country, what give you the right to do ? Is it so wrong for other religion tot try their chance? Egoistic much? There’s one teaching of theirs that i know and that is thay have to choose their leader who have the same religion(muslim) as them. Then why dont they just get rid of the other religions? It’s all the same for us minority group. I hate the fact that keep preaching about what’s wrong and right, discriminations, and all the bullshits that will be if they keep doing what they want without any repercussions. Even the government is on their side because the government are mostly mulims. It’s a miracle if we can win against them.


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