After beheading his sister man walking with a sword in one hand and the severed head in the other

Her crime?
She decided to divorce her abusive husband and marry someone else whom she loves.
The man is not mentally ill. He just hates women. He grew up hating women. Hating women is considered ‘masculine’, loving women ‘feminine’. Men do not want to be feminine. They fear love will ultimately make them soft and submissive. So, they prefer to dominate women. Men are the masters. Men are the decision makers. To save family honor if it is necessary to behead their mother, sister, wife, daughter and other female family members, they believe, they should do it without hesitation.


  1. F [disappearing] says

    Even better: You cannot be filming outside the police station, but it’s OK to take a casual stroll down the road with a sword and your sister’s head.

    There is always more wrongness available.

  2. nohellbelowus says

    He beheaded his sister? I think primitive cavemen could justifiably be characterized as “mentally ill” in the year 2013.

    Did her father hate her, too? Where the hell was he while his son was butchering his daughter?

  3. DutchA says

    So where is the ‘honour’ in this killing? Being five years her senior he must have grown up with her. Worms have a more advanced conception of honour than this cold-hearted murderer.

    By the way, in Dutch these actions are called ‘eerwraak’, roughly translated as ‘honour revenge’. Why don’t we call it ‘religious amok’ or something that is a more accurate description of this utter disgrace.

  4. busterggi says

    Of course he was carrying his sword in one hand and his sister’s head in the other – have you ever tried carrying your sword and a severed head with the same hand at the same time?

    For the imaginary love of an imaginary god.

  5. drusillagorilla says


    Is there an alternative phrase to ‘honour killing’ that is used in social justice, feminist or other circles?

    ‘Misogynistic sororicide/filicide/parricide’ perhaps? Can anyone advise?

    My sorrow for the woman who died from this brutality.

    …resume lurk

  6. Muhammed Flaifil says

    Another fucked up man. I wonder what happened to the guy who slept with his sister. Why wasn’ t his head cut off.
    The brother was probably too frightened of his sister’ s lover, so he decided to pick on his sister

  7. Maha Wify says

    That does it, I really hate all this Bull Shit that goes around. Can someone just NUKE Paksitand, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Then we wil not hear about these sad stories anymore.

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