Let the children live

“Guns don’t kill people. People with guns kill people.”

School shooting is not new in America. It started since 1764. It is still continuing. A gun man killed 20 children this morning.
Lone men, mad men, crazy, insane are everywhere but they can not get guns as easily in the other countries as in the USA to shoot people. Gun regulations could curb the violence. But it is hard to regulate guns in the USA. Day before Connecticut shooting massacre, Michigan Legislature passed Bill allowing guns in classrooms. We remember columbine high school killings. Don’t we? We thought American gun control laws would be stricter and school shootings would end forever. But sadly many mass shootings occurred since Columbine.

I am shocked to learn that White House has responded to Connecticut school shooting: ‘Today Is Not The Day’ to discuss Gun Laws. If today is not the day to discuss gun laws, then which day is the good day to discuss gun laws! Will the day ever come? Who knows maybe they prefer not to go against their deep-rooted gun culture or they just want to continue practicing their age-old tradition of school-shooting!

Americans will soon forget Newtown school shootings. A new gun man will kill children next year. It will happen because Americans cry over tragedy but do nothing to prevent the next tragedy.

The scary thing is, they organize mass prayers after mass killings . I have no idea whether they really believe that not the banning of guns or the stricter gun control laws but the prayers will save their lives!


  1. F [disappearing] says

    Praying is just more theater intended to make it look like you are doing something when you are doing nothing (or doing something else). The only thing going in its favor, as it is currently a given, is that it is a lot cheaper than something like the DHS and the modern TSA.

  2. deera says

    The US has always been and will forever be anti-child. And in a few weeks, this incident will be forgotten in the minds of many in the US because we have become a bunch of lazy, complacent, Wal-Mart shopping, Facebook posting idiots.

  3. says

    . . . we have become a bunch of lazy, complacent, Wal-Mart shopping, Facebook posting idiots.

    In your string of apt adjectives, you left out, “blogging, commenting”

  4. kimberlyherbert says

    I’ve had 2 people hit me with “Well if those students had prayer to protect them this wouldn’t have happened” type comments.

    In both cases I replied you know the two largest mass casualties of students in US schools happened before 1963, right?

    1927 Bath School largest mass murder of students in a US school – by a Tax protesting school board member, who murdered his family, set his farm on fire, blew up the school, used his car as a car bomb to kill several officials. (3rd largest mass killing in US History after 9/11 and Oklahoma CIty)

    1937 – New London, Texas a natural gas explosion killed 295 students and staff of the school (After this the rotten egg smell was added to odorless natural gas)

  5. Timothy Greene says

    School homicides have fallen steadily over the past decades. Has the number of guns in America fallen? Of course not. Violent crimes in the nation’s schools (rape, sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated assault have also fallen. These two trends follow along with the general population. Source: National Center for Education Statistics and The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

  6. says

    I just wanted to say that the origin of rights to hold weapons has much to do with many other things that are close to American people, other than safe schools. Might be important to look much beyond safe schools in talking about gun control in US. But, certainly this is the moment, when the pattern is clearly emerging: access to such weapons merely improves their utilization!

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