Bloody Faith! (Warning:Graphic images)

Ashura. The tenth day of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calender. This date is important to Shi’a Muslims because of the anniversary of the death of Husain, the grandson of Muhammad. During the self-flagellation ceremony, men beat themselves, hit their backs with chained knives and cut their heads with swords as they mourn.

Far more terrible is parents make their children bleed.

Imam Husain fought with Yazid ibn Muawiya in 680 CE for power. Husain was killed in the battle. But people still mourn for Husain. They physically torture themselves for the sake of their faith. The madness continues.


  1. left0ver1under says

    If those idiots were doing it solely to themselves, like the Filipinos at “easter”, I’d just sit and laugh at them. It makes me wonder if communicable diseases get passed around with all that blood, causing their own problems to get worse.

    But abusing children as part of the “ritual” is beyond revolting. Those kids need to be rescued and taken away from such people.

  2. Amardeep says

    Yes they try to cut themselves to mourn for the one who is dead long ago . .i think that’s really stupid . . apart from the religious views or aspect they invite different type of the infections and other diseases while coming in direct contact with the BLOOD . . .

  3. Wahab says

    Taslima brush up your history. Having sufferered from the hands of so called ruthless rulers,should know that Hussian did not fight for power but principles.Alas you would know that.Pity you.

  4. Zainab says

    I marvel and pity you! Marvel at the fact that you can quite edit pictures so beautifully! And pity at your shallow knowledge of History. The whole world knows that Hussain as fought against injustice. It is funny that even wikipedia knows that but you dont! Get your facts correct woman!

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