Extinct animals could come back to life

Lonesome George. He was the loneliest animal of the planet. One Day Lonesome George, Giant Tortoise, Last of His Kind, died. He was only 100 years old.

Scientists now decided to bring Galapagos extinct Tortoise back to life.. Extinct animals could be resurrected. Such a wonderful idea!
Scientists said they would be able to resurrect the giant tortoise subspecies by launching a cross-breeding program with 17 other tortoises found to contain genetic material similar to that of Lonesome George. It is the first time that a species will be recovered after having been declared extinct.

Who will bring us back after we humans go extinct? So far as we know there is no one. We come back to life or not, we should continue bringing nice, beautiful, and friendly animals back from extinction.

Who says only god can resurrect?


  1. katkinkate says

    They won’t be able to resurrect the species, but might be able to construct a similar looking tortoise by selective breeding and a spot of genetic engineering. I think it’s all still theoretical though. No-one’s ever done this before.

  2. says

    It’s an awesome idea, but katkinkate, you’re right. There is also the problem of why the species went extinct in the first place that needs to be fixed first, I would think.

    Might not work so well if Giraffes go extinct, though!

    Who says only god can resurrect?

    Coffee does the trick for me 🙂

  3. DBP says

    Weren’t they planning on doing this with mammoths? And there was a project to do this with tasmanian tigers..but that was more of a fringe kook type operation.

  4. mynameischeese says

    Not the first time. Canadian geese were declared extinct in 1950, but then a new population of them was discovered and they made a comeback through habitat preservation and hunting bans.

  5. yardvark says

    The extinct quagga was a zebra-like animal that had stripes on only one half of its body. I think it was the back half. The quagga was found to be a subspecies of an extant zebra species that still has a few individuals with quagga-like traits. I read of plans to bring the quagga back through selective breeding. The resurrected animal was supposed to be more than just similar-looking. Its similar appearance was supposed to be due to a ‘close’ approximation of the quagga’s genome, since it was starting with actual pieces of it.

  6. Cashdoller says

    Species have been going extinct and new species have been resurfacing to replace them in this crazy cycle we call life. By “playing god” it goes directly against what Mother Nature intended to happen. This may be of no significance but the more we mess around with the natural order of things, the more the natural order of things will become un-natural.

    To put it in obvious terms, if the big reptiles didn’t stop ruling the planet and go “extinct”, then we would of never been allowed to develop and turn into the modern species we are today.

    What’s next? We invent new species? Control if we have a boy or a girl? Tell the doctor what we want our baby to look like? Believe it, it’s coming real soon.

    • Sercee says

      Unless you consider all of humankind’s current state and accomplishments to be a natural product of evolution, then we haven’t been on Mother Nature’s “intended path” for a millenia. We’ve been screwing around with species and land and every natural process we can think of since we figured out how to do it. Our ability to shelter from the elements and resist disease and death have altered the way we evolve on our own. Our actions that cause or exacerbate the extinction of other species almost means that we should damn well be doing what we can to bring them back. I’m not sure I consider genetic tampering immoral anymore.

      • Csshdoller says

        By no means endorse extinction of animals or any of te sort. In actually kind of a little rha rha environmentalist myself.

        However what you describe IS the natural order. We have developed to a point on our little tiny planet that we and using the earth and collectively destroying it rather than giving to it and taking care of it, our home. I’m not too happy about that statement but its true.

        As such, animals will go extinct along with a myriad of events that are resultant of our collectiveness actions. If this turtle went extinct, then it’s gone. Mother Nature has taken it away from us. Is it humans fault? Whose to say. Maybe a percentage it is. But that’s entirely subjective and completely impossible to quantify.

        So is there a point then at which its not okay to play god? What if. The dog went extinct due to a dog disease that sprung up wiping dogs extinct within 1 year of its discovery. Mans best friend! Would u bring the dog back if our efforts were sincere and it had noting to do with our industrialization? On what grounds?

        How about dinosaurs? They got a shitty end of the stick they were wiped out because of something from space. They deserve to be brought back.

        How about the Neanderthal man? He disappeared likely due to oppression from our actions out smarting him and his species. We owe the Neanderthal at least another chance to see if they can pull it off in today’s world.

        And the wild buffalo in the Midwest were slaughtered damn it. Time to place them back and bring then back as stronger than before

        Where does it stop and end?

        Our actions as members of earth are what they are and we have to live with the results. We really aren’t all that mighty and powerful anyhow. Even with this so called “technology” we bestow, it’s still primitive in the grand scheme of things. Fact is Mother Nature can just as easily f another asteroid or cool up a disease each of which could cause 90% population dead. Or all of us dead. Many of us may seem to think we are above the earth because all we do is take from it. But the earth is pissed. And the earth certainly doesn’t respect us bringing back dead turtles because are earth is the one that got rid of it in the first place, not us.

  7. Jockaira says

    Just so long as they don’t start resurrecting religious personages of the past, like Mohammed. I’m fine with all the rest.

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