No fun in heaven

These women believe in god. They do not take their burqas off even when they swim in the ocean. They love their god and prophet who imprison them in burqas. They are god-fearing women. They fear god, because god may throw them into hell. They desperately want to go to heaven. Not so much fun though in heaven. The same food and wine will be served for an infinite period of time. The same fruits, the same fountains, the same birds forever. The same men who were their husbands on earth will be their husbands in heaven for eternity. If those husbands are promiscuous and abusers, they have no other alternative but to go on loving their husbands. God will provide one piece of husband for each woman and 72 pink virgins including their wife for each man in heaven. After having sex with 72 virgins everyday, husbands may not like to have sex with their non-virgin wife. Sex starved, women may develop melancholic depression. Whatever happens, women have no freedom to fall in love with other guys. If they do, they will be thrown into hell for committing adultery. Women get almost nothing on earth and nothing in heaven. Will women have to wear burqas in heaven too? Heaven is for both men and women, no segregation has been planned. Women will most likely not be allowed to move around freely in heaven without wearing burqas because men will be there. God doesn’t trust men. God fears that men may get sexually aroused if they look at women who are not wrapped up in the burqas. Men-fearing god will really be in trouble. So, women will be forced to cover their entire body from head to toe.

Why are women so eager to go to heaven? What is the heavenly reward they are waiting to receive? It is the same misogynist god who oppress women here and will continue to oppress women there. Are women dumb, masochists or just simply brainwashed by religionists? Why do they worship a women-hating god and his messenger to follow all their nonsense advices and orders? Is it really for the hell called heaven?


  1. Anindita says

    Really I wonder if we belong to that dumbest creature category who prefer to get tortured and take pride in shedding nonsense tears for apparently our own stupidity of showcasing our tolerance which is just valueless in Men’s world

  2. Rodney Nelson says

    I’m reminded of the Orthodox Jewish prayer: “Blessed are You, Lord God, king of the universe, for not having made me a woman.”

  3. roger ivanhart says

    There is a cure for the condition these women are suffering. It is a painful and difficult cure. There is a hill to climb that will cause them fear; it will take their breath away. But as they emerge from the cure they will view the world with newly opened eyes, and confidence undreamt of.

    The cure is called education.

  4. says

    My daughter attends a school with a significant Muslim population. There are three girls in her kindergarten class – five and six year olds! – who wear hijab. It makes me so sad that these little girls are being taught to cover themselves, that they have to worry about being “modest” at five years old. 🙁 Thank you for your work Taslima.

    • davidhart says

      Make sure if any of them have a birthday party that your daughter gives them a nice hat as a present, and will be pleased to see them wear it for a while instead of the hijab 🙂

    • safa says

      Their lives are already hell. How can it get worse? I wish all men were gay so that they would leave us alone so we can just be.

      • Crunchy Renee says

        Actually, some areas in Afghanistan are rife with homosexuality (though its not called that), and all this does is marginalize women even more, making them the “other”. Women then exist for babies and slave labor, and are physically abused all the time. They have zero value. (look up “beardless beauties” to see this tradition among the Pashtun)

  5. jaytheostrich says

    It’s sad that five year olds are surrounded by MEN who think they need to worry about ‘modesty’ at their age. Because it’s really the men who are worried about the women/childrens’ ‘modesty’ and their own reactions to lack of the same which is the problem, is it not?

    Are the virgins in heaven going to be wearing hijab as well? Or are they just created to be sexual playthings of the ‘righteous’ men, as they seem to think all other women should be?

  6. Sastra says

    Do devout Muslim women really think they would have to wear burquas even in heaven, with Allah’s might and power ever present to watch and punish any infraction immediately? Aren’t burquas supposed to be intended to stop frustration? Who is frustrated in heaven?

    Most believers seem to have very vague ideas of heaven. When they think about specifics at all, there seems to be a heavy emphasis on the clouds, light, sense of bliss, and — maybe — ice cream. The parts of the Quran which talk about heaven, however, do have a lot of sensory details, which would I think encourage believers to imagine heaven concretely. What is it, then, that Muslim women actually imagine?

    I have read that some Mormon women have become suicidally depressed over the vision of never-ending pregnancies as they eternally populate their husband’s planet, acting as mommy to an infinite number of engaging toddlers clinging forever to their skirts whilst offering love-inspired fistfuls of crumpled dandelions and sweetly whispering “I gotta go potty.” Forever and ever, world without end, amen.

  7. left0ver1under says

    They do not take their burqas off even when they swim in the ocean.

    Nor when a boat sinks, either. Like West Bengal in 2010, there are numerous stories of muslim women drowning because they refused to remove bulky clothing in the water. They were more afraid of the religious nonsense and the violence they would face if they survived by stripping off cloth that was dragging them down.

  8. Amélie Lazzarano says

    Well, I had been thinking a long time about which is the correct religion. I really believe God left a message for us, but as the human beings had to transmit it, it was changed according to their own interests.
    So I dare say that there is something true in each religion, but as humain being, we have to make out what is right from what is wrong. This idea of distinction is written in all the holy books. We must notice this common point.

    • davidhart says

      “So I dare say that there is something true in each religion”

      This may be correct, but we cannot figure out what is true and what is false in any given religion unless we use the tools of rationality and honest skeptical inquiry, which do not come from religion, but had to be painstakingly discovered by generations of human effort to overcome our cognitive biases … and if we can use those tools to figure out the truth, then by definition we don’t need religion to impart that truth.

      Just remember – all religions to some extent teach us to disarm our reality checks, and all are therefore to some extent divorced from reality. This means that when a religion is right, it is right by accident.

  9. Hairy Chris, blah blah blah etc says

    Why is it that these ideas of heaven – Muslim and Christian ones fwiw – sound like an absolute nightmare to me and I’m not even a woman?

  10. says

    Hey, Heaven could be a bunch of brains floating around in vats. Allah can make everyone’s brains feel inordinate pleasure no matter what they think they are doing, or what reality is going on for them. He’s God, dammit, and he could make the chosen feel ecstatic, even if they are full bodied and boiling in vats of Christian Holy Water™ if he wants to.

    Being a person addicted to opiates at one time, I can tell you that even working hard on hot days I still felt bliss, and that was without God tweaking my experience.

    So, even if you had only 72 virgins for the rest of eternity, you, and them, might have orgasms that go on for, say, 10,000 years at a time. Or maybe you like milk chocolate ice cream better than anything. He could make you love every spoonful, in an eternity of doing nothing but eating out of a Hagen Daaz box, and you would never get bored, or fat. He might even put caramel bits in to make even more perfect.

    WTF, I’m going to go into the religion business and have the bestest heaven (for) ever! Yay!

  11. says

    For instance, I just went back to my inbox, and this was in the next e-mail I read:

    PS: There’s no greater joy in web development than completing a
    complicated project and thinking at the end of it, “That’s all I had to do?”

    Think of it! Replace “web development” with “heaven,” throw in a few dozen virgins, and viola! 😉

  12. Emily Isalwaysright says

    I have many issues with the ideas associated with the burqa. Many many issues.

    But: I feel this post does not accurately represent the religious experience of these women, and until we address that, we are only addressing half the issue.

  13. says

    Living creatures are males, females and also hermaphrodites.Attraction for opposite sexes are natural and for proliferation. No amount of external devices to block senses can remove the desire from mind and in some cases selectiveness from a particular person. I firmly believe that soul is same for any phenotype and Heaven is nothing but a state of mind having complete and persistent control of bodily desires. Like a spectrum of light extreme attachment leading to obscenity to a perfect non-sensitivity is possible-it gives immense happiness and peace of mind. Like hunger,satisfaction is temporary for all bodily desires and attainment of a berth in Heaven is also temporary in Hindu scriptures.If we pray to God for giving us strength to fight lusts in our heart and attain perfect control on our mindset, no veils or strict and partisan religious laws will be required. We should work from our conscience and not be misguided and suffer by immoral and unscientific dictum of ignorants. What we are-unicellular(ova),multicellular,water,protein,minerals, or fats?

  14. Jennie says

    These women are brainwashed beyond belief. I feel disgusted when I see the women in these horrible things (burqas). They “love” a “god” that truly hates them. I wish I could have the pleasure of liberating these women once and for all, and teach them about Feminism and how to be a strong woman who can choose their own wardrobe for one, and take control of their precious lives…

  15. says

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  16. says

    2nd, while I can see the jumps in logic you make, I am definitely not confident of how you seem to connect your ideas which inturn produce your conclusion. For right now I will, no doubt yield to your issue however hope in the foreseeable future you actually link your dots better.

    Sorry, I must be slow. Can you tell me what you are talking about? For instance, what dots are you talking about?
    Also. what ideas are you talking about, and could you connect your ideas, which lead to your conclusions?

    I’ll thank you in advance for explaining what you are talking about.

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  18. Shah Faisal says

    Asalaamualiakum Sister Taslima… I Think you not muslim because muslim women not talk like this.. with your posts you are misguiding …. you should read about women in islam then post…. May Allah show you right Path.. Ameen Suma Ameen..

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