Lioness works hard

It is amazing to see the lioness hunting. They work hard to bring food home. The lion sleeps and waits for food. Most men in the Indian subcontinent never visit a kitchen. They are just like lazy lions. They like to call themselves lions ( for muscles and strength) or powerful patriarchs.

Remember the cartoon?


  1. rajesh anand says

    Ms Tasleema Nasreen has tremendous thoughts and ideas, a bold and beautiful researcher of literature. I admire her books like Lajja which is now banned even in India. She has narrated beautifully the post ayodhya issues in her book. I have always advocated for the freedom of speech and literature. She is a distinguished human being. God has blessed her with tremendous mental support to fight against evil sense. I think she is the best daughter,best sister and best friend of mine and all.She has every right to be present in this world for the benefit of mankind.

    I just request to all the people of world not to disturb her presence in the world.

    Rajesh Anand.

  2. Arakiba says

    Isn’t it interesting how these wastes of skin act like they’re the be-all and end-all of everything? When they get to profit off the labors of others, whether those ‘others’ are women or people with darker skin or from a lower class or caste? They are the slavemasters, who’ve never worked hard a day in their lives, taking credit for a building the slaves built.

  3. Brian says

    Lions evolved that way, and in human terms, they are cruel, killing the young of a previous dominant male and letting the females do a lot of the hunting. But they’re animals who can’t overcome that, or even think it injust,. That is, they are not persons. As for the guys in The subcontinent who laze about and let women beak their bodies. They’re not lions, just enculturated pathetic men.

    • says

      They’re not lions, just enculturated pathetic men.

      Makes one wonder sometimes why women struggle so hard to gain the same status as males — or does it?

  4. aishwaryamohan says

    You say, “They like to call themselves lions or powerful patriarchs.”

    I say, they firstly implies, they are animal that too cruel. Thereafter, I recall, their are many goddess you use this animal as pets.

  5. fork says

    Don’t believe everything you see. Those lionesses can’t be hunting zebras, since males are hunters, females gatherers. It’s a fact. They must be gathering zebras. Yeah, that’s it. [/sarcasm]

  6. Ysanne says

    Well I sure hope that men who think they should live like lions are also content to be kicked out of their home after a few years by some younger and stronger guy, and spend the not-too-long remainder of their life alone and miserable.
    If they were one of the few males who ever got to have a harem at all, that is. Because a lot of the males just roam around in pairs, have a few unsuccessful fights, and die relatively young without ever mating.

    Also, I hope these lion-men take their duty to steal carrion from hyenas seriously.

    I’m glad to be human.

  7. Giovanni says

    This is quite funny to me, because with humans it’s usually the women who live of the money of working men. Certainly not the other way around.

  8. Abhishek says

    Strange as to how you missed out on this. I live by myself, work, and do the cooking and most of the housework myself. I work a regular 9-5 job. I’ve been living this life for the past two years, and dont plan to get married anytime soon, as i find the financial risks to be too much, and monogamy to be well, boring.
    Let me tell you something. I barely takes me an hour and a half to get most of the work done…..that’s cooking, washing clothes, cleaning the house. And say another 20 mins to wash utensils and iron in the morning. Seriously, are you kidding? No one actually needs a woman in the kitchen. In fact most of the women you speak of, are living off their husband’s hard earned money. The housework is the least they can do really, otherwise they’d be only useful for , well sex…and thank’s to feminism (and this is the only part of it that i love) , women put out much easier these days 😛 so who really needs a wife anyway

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