Happy Teachers Day, Papa!

My father was a medical doctor. He was a rational man in a deeply religious society. He was born in a poor illiterate family. But he went to a school against his family’s wishes. He moved from his village to a city with a dream to become a doctor. He struggled a lot to make his dream come true. He did not have money to buy medical books. He used to borrow books from his classmates when they were about to go to sleep at night. After studying he returned their books early in the morning. He was the best student in the medical college.

He never prayed, and he never believed in superstitions. He taught me to believe in science, not in religion. He did not let anyone to force me or convince me to wear burqa. He did not let anyone to force me into marriage when social norm was to force teenage daughters to drop out of school and to marry someone. All my father wanted for me was to be an educated and enlightened person.

My father was a professor at the medical college where I studied medicine. He was my teacher. Without my father, I know very well that it would have been impossible for me to be the person I am today. He taught me to live without fear and walk with head held high.

When my father fell ill, I begged, pleaded, and cried to be allowed to see him in his last days. The Government of Bangladesh refused to permit me entry. My father died.

I am shedding tears for him today. In gratitude, I bow my head today.

Happy Teachers Day, Papa.


  1. Upright Ape says

    It was so inhuman of them not to allow you to see your dying father. Sad story. Unfortunately these things very often happen to ex muslims, particularly if they are high profile like Taslima.

  2. Palash Reza says

    Madam, I am from Bangladesh. My daughter’s name is Arpita Reza, she is 2.6 years old. I do not have any academic qualification, I may not be able to do much. But I will try my best to inspire my daughter to become a person like you. Best wishes

  3. says

    Taslima, Your writings bring tear to my eyes. We all should learn from you to respect our fathers. Your speeches amaze us.
    You teach us so many things. Regards and love. Usri.

  4. Robert says

    Being a teacher myself I have the core belief that was is needed in this world is education,education and more education.I feel sorry that you could not see your dying father.

  5. says

    As a matter of fact, he was pretending to be ill.That makes no difference.Just around the comer.His words are strongly impressed on my memory.I was late for work yesterday.Long ago, people believed that the world was flat.Long ago, people believed that the world was flat.15 divided by3 equals 5.It rather surprised me.Will you connect this wire to the television ?

  6. says

    In one way, he would have died happily that you did not see him while he was in his death bed, as you were not allowed into the country for what you are as his wish…

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