Sexism Sells, But We’re Not Buying It

This is an old video on sexism. Videos get old, but sexism never gets old or outdated.
Please watch this video if you haven’t watched yet and please don’t forget to Report Sexism in the Media.


  1. uncephalized says

    Wow, that video was pretty much one long *facepalm*. Hard to watch.

    I think I am insulated from a lot of the pervasive sexism in our media culture because I watch very little TV, I rarely ever listen to or read advertisements, and I *never* watch Fox News. This may be why I react so strongly sometimes when I hear people talking about how awful the general treatment of women is–the world I live in just isn’t that way. I have simply never observed my friends or peers behaving this way to women, at least not since middle school when we were pretty much all complete idiots and thought “that’s gay, you pussy” was the height of intellectual insults. Luckily we mostly grew out of that by about age 13. Usually if I run into an adult person making these kind of statements they are much older than I am, middle aged or elderly.

    Speaking of which, notice that nearly all of these ridiculous comments were made by older dudes? Like, 40-50+? Except for the one young female reporter that was insulting Hilary Clinton. They sound like relics to me when they speak this way. That’s a good sign, I hope–that we’re growing out of this immaturity maybe, as a culture, and in a few more decades most of the people who are stuck in this way of thinking will have died off?

  2. says

    What a load of old cobblers. I don’t think it has anything to do with the age of the commentators, I’m probably older than anyone in the video, or at least in as much of the video I could be bothered to watch. To me it just looks like American stupidity.

  3. says

    Complete trivia. Incestuous American drivel. Asian politics more exciting.
    Qiang Qing demonised in China, Magawati Sukarno in Indonesia, and count the eyes and not the breasts of female Sri Lankan leaders. Please do some stories
    about sexism in China and Japan. I know American politics is important to the whole world, but China remains a major creditor to the USA.


  4. msm16 says

    @1 I agree. As a 26 year old male I fundamentally don’t understand sexism, we are all human beings regardless of the window dressing’s.

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