Two awful liars talking to each other. Why would anyone watch?

The utterly smug and smarmy Piers Morgan has apparently launched a new talk show and he interviewed Donald Trump. That alone should be enough to deter any viewers but there is also a report that Morgan, in order to create buzz for the show, has misleadingly edited the footage to suggest that he had an angry confrontation with Trump.

Great. An utterly dishonest and unlikable interviewer speaks to an utterly dishonest and unlikable president. What’s not to dislike?


  1. says

    So he didn’t even have the balls to confront the ageing deranged blancmange, he had to manipulate the interview? What, was he afraid Trump was going to punch him? Those are a couple of old losers who ought to be out golfing and drinking where we never hear of them again.

  2. Deepak Shetty says

    One third of the population will watch because they are fans
    All the comedians will have to watch for sure.
    All the free speech absolutists and anti-woke people will watch it to stick it to the liberals.
    The rest of us will watch for the same reasons you decided to post about it.

  3. sonofrojblake says

    Not intended to sound smug or boastful, but it’s going to: I’m not going to watch it.

    Seriously. Life’s too fucking short. I’m already a week behind on Moon Knight, Picard is hotting up, Strange New Worlds is about to start, I still haven’t caught up on Black Mirror, Russian Doll has a second season out now, I’ve not even started the fourth season of Killing Eve, I’m still undecided whether I’m going to stick with Halo, I need to see the Jimmy Savile documentary, I suppose I need to see the rest of Matrix Resurrections (I quit about 80 minutes in because I had work in the morning), I want to see Marvel’s Daredevil, I have ALL of Cowboy Bebop (animation AND live action versions) to get through and the wife and I are rather liking it when we’ve seen an episode or two of The Dresden Files. AND there’s a new series of Taskmaster just started.

    This is just the TV stuff. That’s not taking into account any time I might spend watching movies I haven’t started yet, applying yet more coats of Musou Black to one of my 3d printed models of the Disaster Area stuntship in a probably vain attempt to make it look like it’s been Vantablacked and thus radio show accurate, or, y’know, reading books and interacting with my family.

    It’s lovely living in a golden age of visual entertainment, but the time passed possibly as much as a decade ago when it became simply impossible to view even just all the good stuff. When I was a kid I’d watch any old shit if it had a spaceship or a wizard in it -- three channels on the TV and hardly any of it what you’d call “genre” or “geek” stuff, so any time anything like Star Trek or Doctor Who was on, it was watched -- even if it was absolute rubbish. Now there are whole channels, whole sections of the programme guide just stuffed with stuff that’s right in my wheelhouse, and I’ve simply not time to watch even half of it. I’m told “The Expanse” is really, really good, but I expect I’ll die before I see even a single episode -- six seasons is just too daunting a prospect when there’s other, newer stuff pouring out.

    And someone expects me to watch these two fucks talk? Stroll on. Put them both in a room with a broken pool cue and tell them only one of them gets to leave, then you’ll maybe have my attention. (My money’s on Trump in that scenario, btw, mainly because I wouldn’t put it past him turning up with a gun).

  4. fentex says

    #3. sonofrojblake (I’m beginning to think I might know you) -- “I’m told “The Expanse” is really, really good”

    The Expanse is very much worth it -- but make sure you get a recently published copy, when first released the first series audio was horrendous, but someone cleaned it up afterwards.

  5. Holms says

    Life’s “too short” to watch an interview lasting X minutes, but some people will spend an angry Y minutes writing about how life is too short to watch said interview. I wonder which is larger, X or Y?

  6. Ridana says

    3@sonofrojblake: re Cowboy Bebop, you can skip the live action, it’s terrible, but don’t overlook the movie. Just know going in that, since you feel pressured for time, you will miss 2/3 of all the stuff that’s crammed into the backgrounds and the detailed symbolism in colors as it relates to the timeline.

    It’s clear that the animators had a blast doing the series though. There are tons of computer screens with lists of names and logos (Ed’s hacking is a wonderland of references). For example, the list of incoming ships on one of her screens is entirely composed of names of top-end custom pool cue designers like Ginacue and Gus Szanboti (which means the Thomas Wayne on that list isn’t a Batman reference). Additional cue designers are scattered throughout. In the episode about the ecoterrorists creating a recombinant virus to mutate humans, look for relevant screens in the background containing references to bacteriology like Chaperonin 60, Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803, and a dozen others. The chess games Ed plays are recreations of a couple of chessmaster Paul Morphy’s games from the 1850s. The taxonomy shown for the Grey Ash plant, Angiospermae Dicotyledoneae/Archichia mydeae/Cactales/Cactaceae/Coryphantha, is legit except for the Archichia mydeae, I think. There are lots and lots of Star Trek and Bruce Lee references (some more subtle than others), and puns and historical references, not to mention all the musical hat tips in the Session titles. And I’m just scratching the surface here.

    I remain flabbergasted to this day that they put so much thought and esoterica into things you need to have your finger on pause to even see, let alone need google to research unless you’re a Jeopardy whiz. Have fun! (Sorry for the derail, but it’s time better spent than talking about TFG.)

  7. Ridana says

    And of course the cuemaker’s name is Szamboti, not Szanboti, as it was typoed in the series. 😀

  8. Mano Singham says

    Ridana @#6,

    In The Good Place too the creators crammed a lot of jokes into things that went by so fast that you had to hit the pause button to see it. For example, they show on a screen the points system that they use to determine if you should be in the Good Place or the Bad Place. You see only one or two so I had to do a repeat viewing with pauses to see all the others.

  9. lorn says

    Oh, please.

    The short, edited, clip is well worth the time. Comes down to Trump being asked in a fairly direct way about his big lie. They them shift for a bit to allow Trump to cool down and talk about his little lie, the one about his golf game, and then right back at the big lie. It is fun to see Trump turn red and inflate, calm down a bit, and then to turn red and inflate again. Right before he hauls his fat ass off of the poor chair and storms off.

    Other than that entertaining little bit the interview is a waste of time. So, you’re mostly right.

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