Djokovic and the French Open

After being kicked out of Australia for not meeting that country’s requirements for entry, tennis player Novak Djokovic now faces another hurdle. France has just passed a law saying that only vaccinated people will be allowed in public places. The French Open tournament is in May.

The world number one, however, faces more immediate hurdles in his bid to overtake Swiss Roger Federer and Spaniard Rafa Nadal, with whom he is tied on 20 major titles, as he could be barred from the French Open as things stand.

The French Sports Ministry said on Monday there would be no exemption from a new vaccine pass law approved on Sunday, which requires people to have vaccination certificates to enter public places such as restaurants, cafes and cinemas.

“This will apply to everyone who is a spectator or a professional sportsperson. And this until further notice,” the ministry said.

“As far as Roland Garros is concerned, it’s in May. The situation may change between now and then and we hope it’ll be more favourable. So we’ll see but clearly there’s no exemption.”

More and more countries are implementing restrictions on people entering the country and if he continues to refuse to get vaccinated, his participation at Wimbledon, the US Open, and other tournaments could be in doubt.

Given the Australian fiasco, each country will likely be very careful that he meets all their requirements and that there is not even the slightest suggestion that he is being given special treatment or exemptions.


  1. Holms says

    Let’s see if he is such a gigantic baby that he chooses to pout at the expense of his career, this time with months of advance warning that scrutiny will be high.

  2. mnb0 says

    I am aware of it and didn’t claim that it was the government who said it. Instead I am expressing my expectation that the spineless Dutch government won’t do anything to prevent Djokovic from entering the country. Yes, the formal rule is that Djoko needs a valid vaccination proof. You’re quite gullible if you expect the Dutch government not making an exception for a rich and famous guy like Djoko.

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