One should not have to even say this …

… but in the propaganda world we live in in the US, it has to be constantly repeated.


  1. publicola says

    All true. It’s time for the Israelis to take their share of responsibility in these conflicts with the Palestinians. If they treated them like human beings and equals, they might achieve a workable peace. I’m certainly not pro-Hamas, but the Palestinians have lived in that land as long as the Jews, and have as much moral right to it.

  2. enkidu says

    The “Palestinians” have lived in that land longer than the “Jews”. To the extent that either of these words make sense in ethnic terms, the Palestinians predominantly are Jews who converted to Christianity and subsequently to Islam. The number of “Arabs” who invaded the Roman Empire was minuscule compared to the native population.
    Nothing more vicious than a family fight though.

  3. friedfish2718 says

    Mr Singham writes:
    “One should not have to even say this …
    … but in the propaganda world we live in in the US, it has to be constantly repeated.”
    Question: What is “this” in the first phrase?
    Question: What is “it” in the second phrase?
    The Left is expert in ambiguity. The late Fela Kuti: “Confusion breaks bones.”
    Even the referenced tweet has no clarity and has removed context.
    From the tweet:
    ‘ . . . Opposing the Israeli bombardment of Gaza does not make one “pro-Hamas.” ‘
    Question: So on a clear, quiet, peaceful morning, did Israel spontaneously bombed Gaza?
    Question: What came first? Hamas shooting more than 1000 rockets to Israel? Israel bombarding Gaza?
    The tweet is ambiguous as to why one would oppose the Gaza bombardment; the tweet offers a dishonest and incomplete option of being pro-Hamas.
    So the Left deplores the bombardment of Gaza and NOT the rocket attacks on israel?
    Hamas hates israeli children more than Hamas loves gazan children. By shooting rockets at Israel, Hamas demonstrated criminal disregard of gazan children, let alone disregard of israeli children.
    This is stupid and then there is stupid. Hamas is deadly stupid. Hamas knows that israel responds closed fist with closed fist. Israeli fist punches harder. Hamas knows that Israel responds open hand with open hand. And yet Hamas never extended open hand to Israel.
    Hamas -- by its actions -- denies gazans the rights of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.

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