Trump waived anti-lobbying rules on his way out

Trump campaigned in 2016 on being the only person who could ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington by getting rid of the influence peddling that is endemic there. One of his first acts was to impose a five-year ban on former aides lobbying. That was a good move for which he deserved credit. But it seems like he now thinks that the swamp is not such a bad place bad after all. On his way out the door, one of his very last acts was to rescind that rule.

Maybe it is because all the people who worked for him are finding it so hard to get jobs now and it was embarrassing for him to have close aides find themselves not being able to get lucrative work.


  1. Owlmirror says

    It says “tonight”, but the night of the 20th, Trump couldn’t have rescinded anything. Although I see that the actual timestamp is “1:39 AM · Jan 20, 2021”, so the night of the 19th, posted in the early AM of the 20th.

    “Replace the swamp monsters with my swamp monsters!” isn’t quite as catchy as “Drain the swamp!” But anyone who paid attention to Trump knew that it would be the former rather than the latter.

  2. says

    Amazing that anyone would expect a mobbed-up NYC real estate developer to drain a swamp. Trump couldn’t even drain a swamp if he was building a golf course in it.

  3. publicola says

    Comrade Trumpski not only didn’t drain the swamp, he filled it with snakes and crocodiles.

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