Trump threatens to not leave the White House

The last days of the Trump presidency have seen one leak after another about how Trump is going nuts, lashing out at everybody, and making the most outlandish plans about what to do next. One should not take all these at face value. While I have no doubt that Trump is beside himself with fury, aides may be exaggerating things too, in order to ‘give good copy’ as the kids in the newspaper business say.

But that does not mean we cannot laugh at him and Seth Meyers looks at this latest absurdity and also the rot that has long infected the Republican Party.


  1. johnson catman says

    If it comes down to the Secret Service having to “escort” The Orange Toddler-Tyrant from the White House, that would be worth viewing.

  2. says

    Why are you so dismissive of the Angry Cheeto’s tantrum here? The Cheeto’s entire modus operandi is to just do shit that’s against the rules, and ignore consequences—because there aren’t any consequences. The man is a pathological narcissist who may, finally, be having his nose rubbed in consequences that he can’t bullshit his way out of. He’s fully capable of burning everything down rather than face reality, you know?

  3. says

    They could auction off the privilege. I’d pay $2000 to drive down with a chainsaw and a cable winch; I’d have him out in no time with only minimal stains on the carpet. OK I was lying about the minimal stains.

  4. Numenaster, whose eyes are up here says

    @cubist #4: “The Cheeto’s entire modus operandi is to just do shit that’s against the rules”

    Close. It’s actually to HINT to others that he wants them to do shit so he doesn’t have his fingerprints on it. If the others choose instead to do anything other than parse and carry out his corrupt bidding, he’s SOL because he can’t actually do much of anything personally.

    That’s what we’re seeing now with all these leaks. The people being hinted to have expanded their options beyond “Do it” and “ignore it” to include “leak it.”

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