And the legal circus goes on …

I thought that the days just dragged before the election but expected that once Trump lost, the elation over the fact that we would soon be spared the sight and sound of him would make the days just zip by. But the days seem to be dragging by even more slowly as Trump stays in the news by continuing to claim that he actually won and was cheated and mounting ridiculous lawsuits. I can’t believe we still have to go through another 41 days of this.

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at the ongoing futility of the legal challenges brought by Trump and his allies.

Before the pandemic, when his show was televised in the studio, Meyers always appeared in suit and tie. When he was broadcasting from home, he switched to casual. Now he has gone back to the studio but is still dressed casually. Is this going to be one of the permanent changes due to the pandemic, that since we’ve seen people in their homes, that relaxed atmosphere is going to be continued?


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    … we still have to go through another 41 days of this.

    Does anyone doubt that DJT will find ways to “earn” more publicity than any ex-president ever (even without exposés, indictments and trials)?

  2. Tim H. says

    I fear they’ll attempt a “Stabbed in the back” propaganda campaign to prepare for a “Set matters (Far) right” themed election campaign in ’24 or ’28. I suppose the usual suspects feel that they won’t lose control of whatever slithers out to capitalize on this, unlike the Germans nearly a century ago…

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