Why, yes, Trump is someone’s crazy uncle

Yesterday both Joe Biden and Donald Trump held separate town hall meetings in lieu of the cancelled debate that Trump withdraw from because he did not like the virtual format. I did not watch either event but here is a brief review of both.

One thing that stood out for me in the reports I read was when the NBC moderator Savannah Guthrie took Trump to task for re-tweeting a crazy conspiracy theory involving bin Laden.

But Mary Trump, Trump’s niece who has been scathing about him, points out that, yes, Trump is in fact a crazy uncle, and she should know.

For Trump, ratings are everything, but it appears that Biden got better ratings than him. That has to sting because you know that if Trump had got better ratings, he would have gloated about it until the election. But maybe Fox News can come up with some obscure metric that shows Trump getting better ratings.


  1. Bruce says

    Trump may have led in the ratings of those who are NOT voting early.
    Everyone should get their friends to vote early, because you never know what could happen when it gets closer to Election Day. What if you have to take a neighbor to the hospital and you’re there all day? You can’t not take them. So your friends need to have voted early. What if you forget to bring I.d.? You need to vote early so you have time to go back and bring your ID and vote on a real ballot instead of on a provisional ballot that gets thrown out if you don’t get back in time with your ID. These things do actually happen to some people every year, so don’t let your friends get zapped by them.

  2. danielwall says

    Not the lovable kind. Trump is the kind of crazy uncle that really makes you dread the holidays.

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