1. Holms says

    I notice in the first video of the post, Chainsaw Guy cuts the video short just as he is about to make contact with the mask. Such a pity, I would have enjoyed him discovering that a loosely suspended cloth doesn’t get shredded by a chainsaw, it just gets carried to the chain intake where it then gets entangled.

  2. says

    I just don’t get that opposition to masks. Of all the things we have been asked to do and not to do since Covid 19, putting on a fucking mask is the easiest and least intrusive thing to do. And they allow us to do so many other things safely. I started wearing them about a month before they became mandatory in Germany. I made about 300(?) of them, for a medical nursing service, for friends, family, my students…
    They are not much debated, but people are slacking off here, with infection numbers being low, but the point is that by now we often don#t even know where people got infected. So you got a group of five that you can trace to one other person, but you have no clue where that person caught it, which means that asymptomatic carriers are still spreading Covid and they would do so less if they wore a mask.
    There’s also increasing evidence that while a cloth mask will not most likely not protect you from catching Covid, it will still lower the amount of viruses that you catch and thus have a milder case.

  3. Who Cares says

    Good grief. That first video where someone was deliberately coughing in the face of others?
    Bunch of idiots did that here was well to protest mask wearing or to get back at police for detaining them or to spite others. Every single one where the police got involved was arrested, put on trial & judged the next day. Lowest sentence meant that the first one to get free will get out somewhere in the next two weeks.

  4. komarov says

    Re: Giliell (#2):

    “Of all the things we have been asked to do and not to do since Covid 19, putting on a fucking mask is the easiest and least intrusive thing to do. ”

    That’s probably the problem: It’s the lowest-hanging fruit when it comes to rebelling against the safety precautions. It’s also very visible -- it’s hard get noticed for not-staying at home, for example* -- and is the lazy, comfortable thing to do. That applies in both Germany and the US, but the latter has this weird patriotism/freedom aspect tacked, magnifying it all. The commander in chief isn’t helping, either, but when has he ever? The trouble with leaders is that they always lead by example, even when they’re not trying or simply can’t.

    *Non-stop partying in public spaces would probably wear down even the most dedicated contrarian fairly quickly

  5. says

    You’ve got it backwards — the utter irrationality insanity resides in mask hysteria.

    We are dealing with viruses. Yes, they are enclosed in respiratory droplets that are larger, but do you think that these tiny virus particles just sit comfortably within the center of those larger droplets containing them, once a droplet strikes the space between the threads of a cloth mask? Have you given any thought to what that virus-encasing droplet does next? Does it partly splatter through the pore? Does the forward momentum of the virus within the fluid droplet carry the actual virus particle farther forward into the droplet, where it migrates through to the other side, to get swept up into a new droplet on the other side of the mask that then gets propelled off the outside of the mask, under the force of successive, repetitive breaths that you exhale? Maybe that group of particles in that droplet gets slowed down, but do you really think that they are blocked from ever getting into the ambient air again?

    And the sides of the mask , where the fit on the face is not a seal, provides a tunnel for air to get in and out. Within THAT air are aerosol particles, which are smaller than respiratory particles. Viral aerosol particles are much more infectious because they flow with the fluid air and penetrate deep into the lungs to cause infections in far smaller doses.

    Have you thought about the physics and the statistics of the larger respiratory droplets? — what the chances are of a droplet actually landing in somebody’s mouth or eyes, when you pass quickly or interact briefly for just a few seconds? Even in stores, at distances we are likely to be from other people, those respiratory droplets will have fallen below the head level of most people to strike their clothing or the floor, before ever hitting in an infectious way.

    Have you thought about the aerosol particles in relation to the respiratory particles? — how the respiratory particles could clog the pores of the mask, thus redirecting the aerosol particles in a more focused jet to the sides of the mask, where they exit under the force of breathing out, as they flow through the path of least resistance with the fluid air?

    Simple cloth masks cannot stop this microscopic fluid dynamic action. Again, we are talking about VIRUSES.

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