Terry Crews talks about being black in the NFL

Terry Crews was a professional football player in the NFL from 1991 to 1997 and since then has made a successful transition to acting, showing himself to have real comedy chops. I have only seen him on the comedy show Brooklyn Nine-Nine where he makes fun of his own muscular appearance. He is a real scene-stealer.

He talks with Seth Meyers about what it was like to be a black football player and how the coaches and trainers treated them differently from the white players. He describes the indignities he faced and a harrowing incident where, while he was still a high profile football player playing for Los Angeles, he was stopped while driving in California and police officers from two squad cars came to him with their guns pointed at his head.

He says that he welcomes the NFL’s change in stance on players kneeling in protests but that he never expected them to do it. He also says that the NFL should bring back Colin Kaepernick if they are to really show their sincerity.


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