So what’s the catch, Donald?

My ignoring of the Trump campaign emails has resulted in them steadily increasing the inducements offered to me and my recent prediction that this would occur again did in fact happen. It was not the offer of a private lunch with Trump that I had anticipated but even better, as you can see from the text of the email I received.


I’m pleased to present you with this invitation to join the Trump 100 Club.

I’ve only selected 100 Patriots in the entire Nation to join this prestigious club, and YOU are one of them.

Trump 100 Club Members are going to be the ones I turn to when I need the advice of the American People. I’ll be counting on your feedback to represent the views of millions of voters.

I need my loyal supporters like YOU to be my eyes and ears around the Country, and I need to know that I can rely on you these next few months.

Joining the Trump 100 Club is absolutely paramount to our success, and that’s why I’m calling on YOU to step up and accept my offer. We are only inviting 100 Patriots, so don’t miss your chance to be a part of this exclusive group.

Please contribute ANY AMOUNT TODAY to join the Trump 100 Club. >>

While I am flattered that they think that I can “represent the votes of millions of voters”, the idea that my advice will be even requested, let alone listened to is, of course preposterous. I also cannot imagine that I am one of just 100 people in the nation who got this appeal and I am sure that there are many more than 100 die-hard Trump faithful who will send money. So what’s the catch? Are they lying about the limited number and will tell the thousands that they are part of just a hundred? Lying is what Trump does as often as he breathes but this is such an obvious lie that it should be obvious to even the most dim-witted of his supporters that they are being played for chumps.

Since the offer said that “ANY AMOUNT” qualified, I could send him a contribution of $1 just to see what would happen. But I was not going to risk giving my credit card information to that bunch of grifters.

So now that I have not accepted this latest offer, let’s see if they raise the stakes some more.


  1. says

    Please contribute ANY AMOUNT TODAY to join the Trump 100 Club

    I have a half-eaten Snickers bar I’d be willing to donate for the cause.

  2. says

    Joking aside, I would reply with a nice letter asking how they propose to guarantee that there are only 100 people in this select fraternity, and ask for their names. Because, surely, they would not be dishonest with someone as important as you, at this juncture.

  3. says

    I could send him a contribution of $1 just to see what would happen.

    As a precondition, ask them to donate 1 M$ to the SPLC, 1 M$ to the ACLU, 100 M$ to the WHO, …

  4. robert79 says

    Ow, they might be limited to 100 people each… the catch is that these are very local “grassroots” programs and there’s a lot of em. You will be among the (at most) 100 “elite” people on your side of the street that have been “personally” selected by Trump (‘s horde of advertisers).

  5. jrkrideau says

    Have you considered a cheque for 1 cent? Hanhlig costs should eat up the donation.

  6. Reginald Selkirk says

    When I was old enough to vote in my first election, the Republican Party sent me a card inviting me to donate. I taped two pennies to it and sent it back. That was about 2/3 of a lifetime ago and I have not heard form them since.

  7. says

    Don’t forget that, at bottom, Donald Trump is a grifter, always looking for new marks. He’s just trying to identify them all in case he needs them after his current employment runs out.

  8. John Morales says


    Seems to me that you don’t have to actually pay any money; the offer itself suffices.

    If you’re ever in any sort of argument with any Trump supporter, just wave this letter around, since it demonstrates that Trump personally acknowledges your patriotism and holds you in his highest estimation. 🙂

  9. Matt G says

    Once you’ve got them hooked, no lie is too outrageous. There’s some perverse psychology out there that makes some people more willing to believe the lie the bigger it is.

  10. Ridana says

    I bet he got Rudi to whip up that stylish golden plaque. The calligraphy gives it away.

    But I dunno, maybe Dumpster did write that letter. He personally selected only 100 people in the entire nation and yet he can’t remember your name. He probably doesn’t even know you. I’m sure he never met you.

  11. Shanti Rasiah says

    Must be sending it to all those who are critical of him and not afraid to write the truth and trying to flatter
    and entice them at all cost by this invitation. As usual he has blundered.

  12. pwdm says

    Would not the NY Times be interested in investigating this scam?
    Of course Trump himself would never lie but it looks like some people in his campaign are willing to do so.

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