John Oliver on Trump’s new favorite propaganda outlet

He investigates One America News Network (OANN) that is so slavishly pro-Trump that it makes even Fox News look like a sane outfit.


  1. canadiansteve says

    This is a great example of unrestricted capitalism at its finest. Freeze Peach foreva!! Let people pick the news they like, rather than getting news that reflects reality.

  2. Who Cares says

    As someone who took logic as a course series that whole line of IF..IF…IF…THEN got me a headache.

  3. says

    “Do liberals want human children to be genderless?”

    Actually, yes, I do want a somewhat less gendered parenting. Pink clothes for girls and blue clothes for boys are stupid. Moreover, all children should be free to play with any toy they like regardless of how their genitalia are shaped.

    “If gender is destroyed, doesn’t that destroy traditional gender roles?”

    I absolutely want to destroy traditional gender roles. Men ought to feel free to be stay-at-home dads if they like it, and women ought to be free to pursue careers. Never mind stupid rules like demanding all women to shave their legs.

    “Doesn’t that destroy gendered relationships?”

    Well, some people are not bisexual, thus completely destroying gendered relationships is impossible. But I am perfectly happy with some part of the society choosing to abandon gendered relationships. I mean, I am agender and bisexual. My own relationships are not gendered.

    “Doesn’t that destroy traditional marriage?”

    Yep, I am happy to destroy “traditional” marriage as something only straight cis people can have.

    “Doesn’t that destroy the family unit?”

    Actually, no. For example, I have no intention of ever getting married, but I do have a family. Just because some crazy person considers my family worthless doesn’t mean that I agree with them. I am perfectly happy to have a family that is something other than “a straight cis man, married with a straight cis woman, as well as their biological children.”

    “And if people aren’t dependent on their families, then…”

    I try not to be dependent upon my family members, because I don’t want to be a burden. Sure, we help and support each other, but we also try to depend upon ourselves instead of clinging to each other in unhealthy ways.

    “That’s right, the government…”

    Given the fact that we are in the middle of a fucking pandemic, I do want to be able to depend on a competent government that is capable of handling the healthcare crisis. I know that private hospitals won’t save the sick, so yeah, I do want a government that I can depend on to be at least semi competent at solving problems that require all members of the society to work together and are too large for a single family to solve on their own.

  4. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    But please, supposedly merely-frustrated conservatives, keep telling me the Overton Window has actually gone to the left. Please keep making the excuse that FOX needs to be as brazenly one-sided as it is because it just need to balance out the liberal media.

    This is a pattern I’ve noted with conservatives: it’s never enough. Give them an inch and they take a mile.

    @Andreas: I had roughly the same thoughts. Of course, I immediately thought, “You people love being dependent on the government to build walls, search other people’s emails and kill brown folks. So stop whining when we use it to feed people”.

  5. rrutis1 says

    “Give them an inch and they take a mile.”

    There is a line in the cartoon show American Dad where the main character laments “wasn’t it nice back when white men had all the power instead of just most of it”. I love that a cartoon show captures their thinking so clearly.

  6. Allison says

    Yep, I am happy to destroy “traditional” marriage as something only straight cis people can have.

    Actually, I don’t think that “traditional” marriage (i.e., 1950’s style marriage) is worth keeping for anybody. It is patriarchal and is abusive in its very conception. Which is exactly why these people like it.

    BTW, it always gets me that when they talk about “traditional,” they actually mean “in my parents’ day” (or grandparents’) Why not go back to the “old time religion” and push for the kind of marriage they had in Abraham’s day? Or ancient Rome?

  7. publicola says

    When they say “traditional”, they mean white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant Conservative. John Oliver is so refreshing. Wouldn’t it be hysterical if, just for one day, he could be
    Comrade Trumpski’s press secretary? I would pay real money to see that!

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