And people wonder why Sanders gets such an enthusiastic reception

In the clip below from a town hall in Las Vegas hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, in response to a question from a union member about how his proposal for Medicare For All would affect the health insurance policies that they already had, Bernie Sanders gave a clear and detailed response without any waffling. It is such a difference from the equivocating of so many candidates on this major issue. It is quite electrifying. Is it any wonder that we hear that the people at his rallies give him such a rousing response?

I read a long time ago the saying that it is better to know where you are going and not know how than to know how you are going but not know where.

Sanders clearly knows where he wants to go.

Today there will be another debate to be held in Las Vegas. It will have six candidates with billionaire Michael Bloomberg buying his way onto the stage and replacing the other billionaire Tom Steyer who did not qualify for this one. Andrew Yang has also dropped out. The debate will start at 9:00pm Eastern Time and you can see where to watch it here.

It will livestreamed on NBC News NOW,, and NBC News Mobile App. The Nevada Independent will also be streaming the debate. Cable channel Universo, the Noticias Telemundo mobile app, and the Noticias Telemundo Facebook will be streaming the debate live in Spanish.

The debate is being hosted by NBC and unfortunately one of the moderators will be the ghastly Chuck Todd, one of the most inane and superficial people on TV. The other moderators are NBC nightly news anchor Lester Holt, NBC News correspondent Hallie Jackson, Vanessa Hauc from Noticias Telemundo and Jon Ralston of The Nevada Independent. Holt and Ralston not too bad but I don’t know anything about Jackson or Hauc.

We should be grateful that they did not include the incessantly bloviating Chris Matthews of MSNBC, one of the worst program hosts on TV, who loves to hear his own voice spouting the conventional wisdom and pro-oligarchic opinions.


  1. Who Cares says

    Huh. I’d expected them to have more then 6 nominees to dilute the number of delegates each would get. Due to the backlash of how the super delegates (SDs) were used last time they (the SDs) can’t vote in the first round which means that if a nominee gets 1991 delegate votes they get the job of Democrat presidential candidate. And I fully expected them to pad the number of nominees to dilute the number of delegates every nominee would get to reduce the chance of Sanders getting 1991+ delegates. And yes that means that I think that once it get past the first selection round Sanders might as well go home since the number of votes needed increases and they come from a source that will not vote for him.

  2. deepak shetty says

    the saying that it is better to know where you are going and not know how than to know how you are going but not know where.

    Really? I find that odd (Sanders seems to know both the where and how , the problem is getting it through the House/Senate). Elon Musk is a good example of someone who knows where he wants to go and doesnt know how or even if thats feasible- Hardly a role model.
    Personally I prefer Frozen-2’s do the next right thing 🙂

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