Describing Donald Trump and his supporters

I tried to collect in one place all the adjectives that describe Donald Trump’s qualities and so far have come up with the following list, not in any particular order:

White supremacist

I am pretty certain that I have not exhausted the possibilities and am open to suggestions to add to the list

In addition, Alfie Kohn describes him as someone with the “attention span of a toddler” who is lacking in “shame, humility, empathy, or capacity for reflection and self-scrutiny” and also “lacking not only in knowledge but in curiosity”. Kohn quotes Samantha Bee describing him as an “an oddly tinted compilation of psychiatric symptoms.”

What should be disturbing is that although it should be no secret that I utterly detest the man, this list is not pure hyperbole or simply the produce of bile from a Trump hater. They are things that any reasonable observer who has followed Trump’s behavior during the election campaign and even for the period after he was elected president would likely agree with because evidence can be provided in support of each one

And yet, almost half of the Americans who voted in the last election chose to put him into the highest elected office, a position that gives him vast power over not only the USA but the world. While some may not have been fully aware of all his awful qualities the first time around in 2016, there is no excuse now for not knowing what he is like. The fact that so many are still devoted to him does not speak well of them or the state of American democracy.

The Rude Pundit has had it with people who ignore all of Trump’s foul qualities continue to support him and very rudely lets them have it.

Every time we click on the Twitter, we see that there is some new depth to which Donald Trump’s criminality and venality and narcissism has sunk.

So if you’re a Trump defender, whether one of his scum voters or a craven congressional worm, you’re obviously comfortable with having a fucking criminal lead you because it makes you feel big and important. You’re a failure of a human being, but fuck it. You gave up giving a shit when it turned out the Negro president was actually good at his job so you had to ignore reality and disappear into the Fox “news” matrix to survive. Now you’re just a vessel getting pumped with a fantasy that comforts you and bears no relationship to the actual world.

And that means ignoring the blatant, pathetic, obvious truth that Donald Trump is not just a fucking criminal. He’s a fucking dolt. He proves that every single time he opens that reverse garbage disposal of a mouth.

The House of Representatives just delivered the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate in one of our weird-ass rituals. The trial will start next week. Republicans will be defending a blatant criminal, a violent coward, and a rank moron, declaring that he must be allowed to complete his term and even be reelected. That says something sad and depressing about every single Republican and every single Republican voter.

Goddamn, don’t you even think you deserve better? Or, perhaps, this dumb motherfucker really is the best you can do and you gotta cling to him like parasites on a plump body.

We are truly in a ‘the emperor has no clothes’ situation, except that instead of a child pointing out the obvious and bringing blinding realization to everyone, what it will take for that to happen is for Trump to lose the next election. We will then be treated to the spectacle of a stampede by his erstwhile supporters in the Republican party to condemn him when he is no longer the president and is unable to command all the resources of the government to attack others and serve his personal ends.

Everyone agrees that President Trump seems to have been exposed as unfit for office in the week of his rash assassination of a top Iranian general. But who is going to act? The public is scared because they know that protest doesn’t work and that it often turns protesters into targets of surveillance. Congress won’t act because they are cowards and are owned by major corporations. And the media won’t do anything for the same reason.

(Ted Rall)


  1. says

    I believe that there are many people in the USA who have correctly determined that we are never offered any candidates who are fit for office, and so they selected the worst possible one because, what the hell. At least he’s fun.

    Obama, in my judgement, won because he was able to construct and sell a largely, albeit not completely, false vision of himself as actually fit for office. When that faceplanted, I think a lot of the country simply gave up.

  2. jrkrideau says

    A term I stumbled over last year seems appropriate though it was coined in reference to the USA BT (Before Trump) is the Russian недоговороспособны. It seem to apply very well to the Crange One .

    A Russian speaker describes/interprets it as: What that word means is literally “not-agreement-capable” or unable to make and then abide by an agreement. While polite, this expression is also extremely strong as it implies not so much a deliberate deception as the lack of the very ability to make a deal and abide by it.

  3. Allison says


    You say that like it’s a bad thing!

    Maybe I’m just too cynical, but I think the core of Trump’s supporters like that he’s that way. He’s what they’d like to be if they had the chance. And a much larger contingent sees nothing wrong with it, even if they wouldn’t do it themselves. What Trump is and what he does are what make him a “real American.”

    They remind me of the crowds you see in the pictures of public lynchings in the (USA) South: the smaller group of people who enjoyed committing the atrocities, and the larger crowd of people who had no compunction about letting other people do them.

  4. Jean says

    That seems to me to be the culmination of the culture of american exceptionalism where everything is seem through the lens of winners and losers. And the determination of the winner as the one who loses the less (or is perceived as such). So long as your perceived opponent/enemy loses something and you don’t, you win. There is no place for a win-win situation.

    Trump is the perfect embodiment of this and he shows it in all his supposed victories, his policies and his “deals”. His accomplishments are the destruction of what Obama did, he makes life miserable for everyone but worse for those who are not his base, and his trade deals consist of trying to hurt others more than the US regardless of the actual overall benefits.

  5. DonDueed says

    I’d add “stupid”, although it’s hard to distinguish from “willfully ignorant”. “Illiterate” also seems to apply.

  6. canadiansteve says

    One of the problems that is very difficult to address is the fact that most Trump supporters are locked into the alternate reality news network consisting of Breitbart, Fox, and other right wing media. This network has been so successful that when presented with reality that contradicts what they hear in this media they think that the reality is incorrect. Most of these people do not examine any news outside the network of right wing sources, and when they do see something from even centrist news sources they consider it far left propaganda. There is no way to combat this by presenting the truth in other media (since they are viewed as propaganda and not trustworthy anyway), and there is no way to stop the right wing media because of legal protections on speech in the US.
    I have no idea how to fix that…..

  7. says

    Trump has been described by psychologists as a “malignant narcissist.” Erich Fromm, who coined the term “malignant narcissism” in 1964, said it represents “the quintessence of evil”.

    So: “evil”

  8. file thirteen says

    There are some perceived advantages in making Mammon your leader if you are republican.

    Mammon doesn’t care about anyone or anything except itself. Mammon doesn’t care about the poor or the weak. Mammon as leader of USA wants USA to be an extension of its engorged body, with itself as the head.

    Mammon wants to stop all the little rats feeding on its bloat. Mammon will put up walls to stop this.

    Mammon only cares for war insofar as how it benefits it, and currently the military budget is a suppurating sore to Mammon. The concept of maintenance for something that doesn’t bring in more than you pay for it is anathema to Mammon.

    To republicans, having a bloated USA while the rest of the world starves is no nightmare. It’s a wonderful dream.

    So everyone, vote for Mammon. It could be worse. Republicans would vote for Satan itself if Satan was republican.


  9. says

    @#11 file thirteen:

    Republicans would vote for Satan itself if Satan was republican.

    Satan gets too much bad press. Isn’t his job to punish evil? So, if he existed, I suggest he would a better person than Trump or McConnell. 😉

  10. Amen says

    How are Trump supporters any of these things. Explain to me that. How are we racist and homophobic? My brothers are Mexican and my little brother and sister are Asain and if he were to be a racist president then I wouldn’t be voting for him. When has Trump ever been the things you described him and his supporters as? If we were reckless and abusive we would be like you Demo’s, who literally are screaming for Antifa and beating up innocent, calm people that have every right to go out there and protest just as much as you have. Misogynist, Racist, Xenophobic, Swaggering, Law-breaking, Venal, White supremacist, Corrupt, Paranoid, Cruel, Lying, Abusive, Cowardly, Vulgar, Petty, Greedy, Boastful, Spiteful, Preening, Vindictive how are we any of these things. Explain to me why we are the words you titled on your post? Give me examples. If you really want our country to burn in flames and have every American locked in their homes with all the rich snobs rising up ignoring the ones begging for help. Just know that’s the Sleepy Joe you voted for. You democrats have completely been brainwashed by social media into thinking that bad is good and good is bad. THIS IS AMERICA. the land of the free and I know you wouldn’t want to have us free if your voting for somebody that is going to take away all of our rights, our guns, and our lives. Educate yourself before you post anything saying that we are any of those horrible names for absolutely no reason. So go look in the mirror and say to yourself: “I voted for Joe Biden and I think it was a good idea. I also think it is a good idea to destroy our country and have it go up in flames because that’s the person I am.

  11. Mano Singham says

    Amen @#14,

    You should read the post again. That list of adjectives describes Trump and not his supporters.

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