Today is Thanksgiving day in the US where family and friends get together to set aside differences and share food in a spirit of harmony. So what could be more appropriate than to hear Donald Trump rant in an unhinged manner about a non-existent war on Thanksgiving?

Seth Meyers walks us through this latest nonsense as well as update us on the impeachment process.


  1. Venkataraman Amarnath says

    Actually there is, not a war but a reminder: What historical event we are actually celebrating before Black Friday.
    “A really important thing too, is that in 1637, when you have the governor of the Massachusetts colony, John Winthrop — this is only 16 years after the supposed Pilgrim feast with the native people — he declared the first day of Thanksgiving, but it wasn’t for what we think it was. It was actually after the massacre of hundreds of Pequot people down in Connecticut. And the Thanksgiving feast was to thank God that all of his soldiers had returned from this massacre. They massacred hundreds of Pequot men, women, and children.”
    -- Lyla June

  2. Who Cares says

    This is as someone from the outside of the US.

    This impeachment is a circus. The moment it gets to the senate it dies. Leaving the democrats with the ability to grandstand and use a bunch of votes to make some republican senators look bad because they didn’t vote against Trump. Which shouldn’t be needed to get the people who don’t vote tribal to not vote for Trump.

    Worse it might have damaged Biden enough that he won’t be selected as the next presidential candidate. And the backers/owners of the DNC won’t go for Warren (Why would they? She been telling them to not kill the goose laying the golden eggs and instead spend some of their money to fatten it up a bit seeing that it is getting awfully skinny) or Sanders (Yeah right he openly advocates stealing their money to improve the lives of the peons) which means they will rather risk losing against Trump by getting Hillary to run again.

    And all that to be able to tell Trump: “You’re fired!” a few months faster then would have happened normally.

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