Democrat wins governorship in Louisiana

Dealing another blow to Donald Trump who had held rallies and campaigned for the Republican nominee who had run on a platform of loyalty to Trump, Democrat John Bel Edwards was re-elected a governor of Louisiana, defeating Eddie Rispone.

I wonder how long it will take before Trump bad mouths Rispone as being a terrible candidate which was why he lost, since nothing is ever Trump’s fault.

Even though Trump campaigned personally in Louisiana and in Kentucky, both red states, and visited them on behalf of the candidates, it was not enough to have Republicans win. In next year’s election, Trump cannot possibly pay that much attention to all the congressional races and Republicans will gave to campaign on their own. This must be making them nervous and it would not surprise me to find even more of them who are in toss-up districts deciding to retire.


  1. jrkrideau says

    Trump cannot possibly pay that much attention to all the congressional races and Republicans will gave to campaign on their own.

    After giving a huge sigh of relief?

  2. lorn says

    Trump got into office on the strengths of gerrymandering, glowing 24/7 FOX coverage, Russian disinformation (positive for Don and negative for Clinton) ,disenfranchisement (culling and caging) of Democratic leaning voting groups, and the general fecklessness of the MSM who all assumed Clinton was so much a sure thing that they could afford to burnish their non-partisan image by bashing her. Dozens of think-tanks dedicated to anti-Clinton creative writing who created The Clinton Rules whereby every story about the Clintons, no matter how unfounded or outrageous, is always reported as true until proved wrong.

    Most of those groups and systems (most of the anti-Clinton groups have retooled and are now dedicated to slander of the other Democratic candidates) are still going to be working hard to drag GOP candidates across the finish line regardless of how brain-dead and incompetent they may be. The field is slanted so much in their favor that perhaps Trump has a point. If they can’t win with that effort being made to favoring them then maybe they just suck as politicians.

  3. Jenora Feuer says

    That actually happened in B.C. at one point, when Bill Vander Zalm was Premier. Late in his term, he was so unpopular that people were noticing that when he threw personal support behind a candidate for a by-election, that candidate’s polling numbers dropped several points, and he was explicitly asked not to support any more candidates.

    To this date he remains one of the few Canadian politicians ever to actually be thrown out by his own party. The Social Credit party had a lot of flaws, but most of the people in it at least understood that they wanted the party to survive Vander Zalm, and distanced themselves from him. (It didn’t work; the party collapsed after losing the next election, and were officially deregistered some years later. And so the party that had run the province for almost all of the previous forty years ended with a bloviating whimper.)

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