The mainstream media’s efforts to ignore Sanders are getting ever more ridiculous

The New York Times recently ran a story that said: “Elizabeth Warren is leading a tight Iowa caucus race, according to our new poll, while Pete Buttigieg is surging and Joe Biden is fading.”

A casual reader could be excused for thinking that these three were the top contenders. But what did the poll results actually say?

Yes, Bernie is in second place, just three points behind Warren, in the very poll used by the reporter who ignores him. Then yesterday on NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday, they had a report on the big Iowa fundraising dinner held there called the Liberty and Justice Celebration (that was formerly known as the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner), and again spoke mainly about Warren Buttigieg, and Biden. Even Kamala Harris got a mention. But nothing about Sanders.

Another report on the event started out with a long mention on Buttigieg, then Biden, before passing on to Warren and Sanders, even while noting that Warren and Sanders were first and second in the Iowa polls.

It is clear that the major media are anxious to promote Buttigieg as the ‘centrist’ and ‘moderate’ in the event that Biden’s candidacy collapses, because they want to avoid Warren or Sanders becoming the party’s nominee.

I really hope that Sanders and Warren take the top two positions in the Iowa caucuses on February 3rd to show the media that they are not the ones who decide things.


  1. Sam N says

    The only candidates I could vote for with any enthusiasm are Sanders and Warren. I’m glad to see Iowa primary voters seem to agree.

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