Compare and contrast Trump and Rouhani

First up, listen to Donald Trump speak at the United Nations. He looks like someone who is sedated. It is true that Trump always looks stiff when he is reading from a teleprompter but this seems pretty extreme.

It is also well worth listening to this interview by Fox News’s Chris Wallace with Iranian President Rouhani who is also in New York for the UN General Assembly. It is rare that we get to hear directly from the leaders of designated enemy countries. Usually we only get short paraphrases distilled through the filters of western journalists.


  1. johnson catman says

    The Orange Toddler-Tyrant is a “fucking moron”. Compared to almost ANY other world leader, he is an embarrassing failure of a human.

  2. file thirteen says

    Chump does not look well. It looks like a physical thing though, like flu or too many donuts.

    As for Rouhani, he fronts up to a hostile interview with a US reporter and makes reasoned argument… who’d have thunk that?

  3. says

    Ah. I saw a couple of right-wingers complain that Chris Wallace was talking to a “terrorist” on Fox, but I couldn’t be arsed to look into who it was. So it was the president of Iran. Gods, these people are exhausting.

    (Fun fact: The first one I saw talking about it was with the Seal Team Six that killed Bin Laden.)

  4. Holms says

    Seems about the usual for Trump, after recieving maybe an especially hectoring admonishment to restrain his usual excursions.

  5. jrkrideau says

    Watching Trump and Rouhani is like night and day. Trump, typically bombastic and lying or looking and sounding drugged and ill at the podium against a sharp, extremely articulate Rouhani casually brushing aside a rather hostile interviewer parroting the US Gov’t line.

    The difference is mindboggling.

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