Donald Trump reveals the things the history books don’t tell you

Donald Trump’s speech for his vanity July 4th event contained some real howlers such as when he spoke of how George Washington’s Continental Army captured the airports from the British, thus presumably grounding their fleet of Spitfires and giving the American Blue Angels complete superiority of the air. Of course, the history textbooks never mention this great achievement because they are written by liberals who hate America.


Twitter has had a major case of the giggles following the speech. Here is one of those Twitter responses.

Trump said that the reason for his error was that the teleprompter was not working and/or the rain blurred the teleprompter. But even if that were true (always a dubious proposition with anything he says and his use of two reasons suggests that he was just making stuff up as usual) that is hardly an excuse since he should have known it was ridiculous even as he said it and then immediately corrected it. But he went blithely on.

Russian TV also laughed at his historical errors in the course of ridiculing the entire event as ‘weak’ and ‘low energy’, the same insults that Trump uses, while mocking the old tanks that were on display at the event.

Popov roasted Trump, saying, “The American president announced he would show us the newest tanks.” But, “these are Abrams and Sherman tanks, used during World War II and withdrawn from service in 1957.”

Co-host Olga Skabeyeva joined in the mock-fest, saying, “The paint on these vehicles is peeling off. There are no cannons, and their optics have been glued on with adhesive tape.”

Skabayeva tweeted footage of the tanks being towed and added laughing emojis while writing, “Putin’s America.”

The more serious though less amusing error was his confusing the revolutionary war of 1776 with the war of 1812 because those references would have been put in the text prepared by his speechwriters, which means that even they are as clueless about history as he is, unless he was ad-libbing the whole thing, calling upon his meager knowledge of history

Ignorance and incompetence all around.


  1. jrkrideau says

    60 Minutes (Russian 60 минут) occasionally can be found with English subtitles and while it seems to be a serious news show, it can be hilarious.

    Here is a program about the Mueller report with Yevgeny Popov and Olga Skabeyeva interviewing Maria Zakharova, chief spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry. Maria Zakharova may work for a diplomatic service but she probably will never make ambassador.

    Maria Zakharova on Mueller Report: Western Journalists Are “Riff-Raff” Totally to Blame For Russia Hoax!

    Watch the first 30 seconds or so to see the “dismay” as Skabeyeva realizes that Trump was not “theirs”

    With any luck 60 Minutes will subcaption the 4th of July one too. So far, with my basically non-existent Russian I have not even found it at all. It should be fun.

  2. colinday says

    Hmmm, my copy of 1776 (the wargame) didn’t have rules about airports. Whom should I trust: Trump, or those peaceniks at Avalon Hill?

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