Sex Ed for legislators

We have seen a spate of highly restrictive anti-choice laws passed by mostly male legislators who do not seem to understand basic facts about pregnancy. So Samantha Bee provides some lessons.

Of course, these legislators don’t give a damn about facts. They want to control women’s bodies (and by extension women in general) and hate the idea of people having sex at all.


  1. birgerjohansson says

    I have a suggestion. Have the politicians watch a documentary called “Game of Thrones”, and wait for one of them to remark in public on the danger of women giving birth to reptiles if they are not properly married off in Christian marriages.

  2. alixmo says

    I like Sam Bee and her show, but we should be not so naive (I am sure she is not) to think that those legislators even care to find out. This is all nothing but an attempt to undo female emancipation, the equality of men and women.

    The religious right has a huge problem with emancipation, “feminism”, modern family life. This is an attempt to turn back time by denying women first legal abortions and (my prediction) than trying to deny them contraceptives (at least make it hard and expensive to get the best ones).

    There is already smearing of certain contraceptives as abortifacients. (Never forget, the Catholic Church still upholds its ban of all contraceptives.)

    The advent of modern, reliable contraceptives was a game changer, a revolution freeing women from the shackles of their biology. They made choice possible for women, equal participation in the public sphere an option.

    Ultra-religious people want to return to “traditional roles” for women, meaning: women out of the public sphere and well-paying jobs back into the kitchen with their (numerous) children.

    No, the senators do not care about how biology works. They just want to condemn women to a live in submission to an old-fashioned patriarchal hierarchy, in which they can have no role other than mothers and obedient wives.

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