Who is Scott Free?

This is the question that is on people’s minds after Donald Trump tweeted his name following his awkward performance at the G20 meeting in Argentina.

Seth Meyers looks into this question.

In an irony that Meyers missed, it turns out that the phrase ‘scot free’ may have originated to describe someone who avoids paying taxes.


  1. suttkus says

    Scott Free is the secret identity of DC superhero, Mister Miracle. Someone was going to bring this fact up on this thread, it might as well be me. Scott Free is an escapee from a totalitarian nightmare state and an illegal immigrant to the US, so I’m guessing he’s not a Trump supporter.

  2. suttkus says

    Why vote for Trump when you can be ruled by Darkseid? Sure, Darkseid’s policies might actually kill more people than Trump’s, but it’s because he’s competent at being evil, rather than incompetent and ignorant. We would still be cringing in horror, but we wouldn’t have to cringe at the stupidity! On the other hand, Trump being an incarnation of Glorious Godfrey would make SO much sense.

    (My apologies for the none comics nerds in the audience, who will not understand a word of the above paragraph.)

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