Rihanna stands with Colin Kaepernick

Being invited to do the Super Bowl halftime show is considered a big coup for any pop star, given the huge audience it has. Some viewers even skip the game and tune in just for this show. So it was significant that pop star Rihanna turned down the invitation to do the 2019 show because she supports Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling protest and dislikes the NFL’s stance on it.

I hope other celebrities will also follow suit.


  1. lanir says

    So the article says Maroon 5 took the deal. Of course they probably were not told that Rihana had refused and if they were, they almost certainly weren’t told why. I don’t listen to pop so my first thought was to wonder who Maroon 5 was. I watched the video for their song Girls Like You because it was specifically mentioned in the article and while I don’t recognize most of the women in the video, many of them (possibly all of them) are fellow artists, comedians and other public figures. At least one of the women I did recognize has taken a public stance for Colin Kaepernick and what he’s done. I can readily imagine some of the others agreeing with his kneeling protest as well.

    Whatever happens, this superbowl half-time show will not work out well for someone.

  2. Acolyte of Sagan says

    I wonder what the reaction would have been had Rihanna accepted the gig, then performed her set on one knee?

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