1. johnson catman says

    It might be funny if it wasn’t so stupidly real. I can only hope that the “news” organizations begin to do the job they should have been doing all along and call out the lies and bullshit for what they are. The examples that Seth Meyers highlighted are embryo steps. And it needs to go all the way to the top, calling out the liar-in-chief whenever he lies, which is practically every time he opens his mouth or pushes out a tweet.

  2. Reginald Selkirk says

    02:16: “They think veterans and coal miners are out there begging congress to cut taxes for rich people.”

    It’s pretty much true. That’s the amazing thing about the Republican Party.

    RE the ostrich coat: Björk already tried that look, albeit with a swan.

  3. jrkrideau says

    Video not available.

    I was questioning the Trump administration’s contact with reality when I read that the US was imposing economic sanctions on the Justice Minster and Minister of the Interior of Turkey over an American evangelical minister arrested in Turkey and who is being tried by Ankara on espionage and terror-related charges.

    I don’t have much, if any faith, in Turkish courts in such a trial but slapping senior ministers in the face does not seem to be the best way to get cooperation, especially as both ministers shrugged off the sanctions saying they had no assets in the USA.

    Turkey is supposed to be a US ally, a member of NATO and is in a very strategic region. Oh, and the US has one or two major military bases there.

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has strong suspicions that the US had a finger if not a couple of hands in the late coup attempt.

    Turkey, apparently unable to buy US air defence systems, (Patriots maybe) has resorted to buying Russian S-400 defence systems for which some members of the US Congress and Senate seem to want to refuse to deliver F-35s. I wonder if Turkey might be interested in some Sukhoi Su-27s or some shiny new Su-35s.

    What was that French quote about the Russian Gov’t as WWI started up? The lunatics are running the asylum?

  4. Kreator says

    @Pierce R. Butler:
    I disagree, I think that article is mostly garbage. I mean, it mentions trigger warnings and safe spaces as examples of “infantilization,” for Pete’s sake! And if using cartoon characters to sell products to adults is another sign of the “infantilization” of Western culture, as the first paragraphs say, I wonder what could that imply for Japan, where cuteness has been a staple of the popular culture for many decades. To me it’s all basically “old man yells at cloud.”

  5. Pierce R. Butler says

    Kreator @ # 5 -- You make some good points about the weaker components of Gottschalk’s piece, but the non-garbage elements -- the simple-mindedness, immediate gratification, and systemic naïveté encouraged by our entertainment (including “news”) industry, for example -- do contribute to our present political plight.

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