Arming preschoolers? What a great idea!

Sacha Baron Cohen has a new TV series premiering on Showtime called Who Is America? in which he does his trademark shtick of pretending to be someone with views similar to the person he is interviewing and getting them to lower their guard and say what they really think. And what he reveals about gun rights advocates in the US in this 10—minute promotional video has to be seen to be believed.

It is always dangerous to take these kinds of videos at face value because by highly selective editing, one can make the target look ridiculous, appear to endorse views they do not hold, or look outright nuts. But I would like to see how the people shown on this video explain away or otherwise walk back the outrageous things they said.


  1. says

    He did a great job of letting Sarah Palin show the world what a doofus she is. The beauty of his method is that he gets the people he targets to demonstrate the appalling truth about themselves. I certainly understand why they don’t like it -- these are people who probably live in houses without mirrors.

  2. Rob Grigjanis says

    Marcus @1:

    He did a great job of letting Sarah Palin show the world what a doofus she is.

    She did that herself in her first five minutes in the spotlight after being picked by McCain in 2008. And then again in the famous TV interview (with Katie Couric?). That’s the thing about these clowns; their ignorance and horribleness is in plain sight, but their idiot followers don’t care.

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