A bridge too far for a cat

The agility of cats is truly amazing. There is a cat in our neighborhood that occasionally wanders into our backyard when I and Baxter the Wonder Dog are there. The cat, seeing Baxter, will watch him warily. If Baxter happens to see the cat, he will dash towards it barking loudly, as he does with any intruders, including birds and squirrels, on what he considers his territory. I never worry about this because this scene has played out many, many times and there is not a chance that Baxter will get even close and the cat will simply leap over the fence and escape.

But even a cat can occasionally overestimate its abilities as we see here.


  1. Holms says

    That’s the sound of claws scratching wood. I wonder if the owner will still be laughing when they next glance at the mantlepiece.

  2. rjw1 says

    Cats are small furry psychopaths. They should not be allowed to wander by their ‘owners’.

  3. blf says

    Cats eat mice, Mantels eat cats. Although this mantel was either an inert trophy or sleeping off its last meal.

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