No blogging, taking a sick day

Since last night I have been feeling ‘under the weather’ (a fine phrase that captures the feeling of being lethargic and achy and having a low fever without being really sick) and so have taken a break from blogging. Hopefully I will feel ‘over the weather’ (a phrase that does not exist, as far as I know, but perhaps should) by tomorrow.


  1. Rob Grigjanis says

    Hope you’re better soon.

    I’m still recovering from a four week bout of flu-like symptoms (longest ever for me, by far). Not severe, but I couldn’t work out, and routine chores were tiring. My sister was sick at the same time, with far worse symptoms, and pneumonia developing later. Much better now. My guess is that we had the H3N2. The difference may have been that I had the flu shot, and she didn’t.

    Hope it’s not that.

  2. blf says

    I’m still recovering from a four week bout of flu-like symptoms…

    I seem to be over mine (also four weeks), no idea what it was. “Cold”, I said at first, then “severe cold”, then “feck go awayyyyy!”, and finally it did. Albeit I am also wondering if it was influenza.

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