Stephen Colbert nails it

As we know, Florida senator Marco Rubio got an earful from a stadium full of people outraged by his abject subservience to the NRA. Stephen Colbert has a telling segment about one moment during the event and how many in the media commented on the fact of his showing up for it.

It is clear that some are taken aback by the passion and articulateness of the high school students. Why they are so surprised I don’t know since students at that age have been like that from time immemorial. Fox News host Laura Ingraham patronizingly chided one of them, Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School junior Sarah Chadwick, for being disrespectful to the ‘adult’ Rubio because Chadwick had tweeted that, “We should change the names of AR-15 to ‘Marco Rubio’ because they are so easy to buy.”

But Chadwick was having none of it and shot back at Ingraham “Someone said Laura Ingraham was a discount Ann Coulter, and I haven’t stopped thinking about that since” and “to add on to this I also read that Marco Rubio is just three 8 year olds in a trench coat.”

In fact, Kevin Drum points out that teenagers today are much better behaved than in Ingraham’s generation, in all the right ways.


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    My reaction to Rubio’s statement—oh shit, you didn’t just say…—was a micro-second before the crowd went wild.

    As a gun owner and both a former hunter and NRA member, I’ll say this: there is no legitimate reason for any hunter to own a semi-automatic weapon. If you don’t bring down your prey with a single shot, you have no business hunting.

    We can argue the whole defense-of-castle concept, but from where I stand my ground, that’s just bravado and fantasy.



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    I don’t know what Ingrahm’s generation is, but we were still fighting school segregation when I was in school in a lot of places in the 1960s.
    Mom, the youngest daughter, was the first or second out of five daughters to graduate high school. At 21.

  3. jrkrideau says

    # 1 hyphenman
    If you don’t bring down your prey with a single shot, you have no business hunting.

    Disagree, depending on the country up to three shots is allowed. More than that and you are an American.

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    Did Rubio really think that wouldn’t be a popular suggestion in that town hall? Does he not read… anything? An assault weapons ban (including semi-automatics) is popular across the country. There are even NRA members who support the idea! Colbert’s right… he really doesn’t know how to read a room… or a country…

    Everyone knows I’m not a very optimistic person. A still-very-large part of me thinks that if Sandy Hook couldn’t get us gun control, nothing will.

    On the flipside… the elections this year are going to be very interesting. Looks as if politicians who still support the NRA line have lost tons of popularity, and now I’m wondering… it may perhaps be a long shot, but… could this upcoming election turn things around? Could it be the signal for a brighter future?

    I… I’m too cynical to actually hope that, but still… this has been rather fascinating to watch.

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