1. says

    @Marcus, No. 1

    My two dogs, who routinely get in the garbage under the kitchen sink if I forget to engage the childproof lock, have not yet figured out the refrigerator.

    I’ve remarked more than a few times that the day they determine that the fridge door is only held shut by a magnet, I’m doomed.


  2. Just an Organic Regular Expression says

    It’s a brilliant little piece of film-making, but I suspect it asks us to infer more than is there. It’s tempting to assume that

    * dog A “wants” to pass through the door, i.e. “knows” that its goal is beyond it,
    * dog A “knows” that a door can be opened
    * dog A “calls on” dog B to do the opening
    * dog B “responds” to open the door for dog A

    None of that needs to be true. The bots could have been programmed separately, to do each those specific actions in this set. It needn’t even have happened in sequence; bits could have been shot separately hours apart. There doesn’t need to have been any “awareness” by one dog of the other, or any communication.

  3. says

    All I want to know is if we’re close to the ultimate dream of robot slaves yet.

    Because that’s the thing that’s been bothering me for years about the push for better robots. It’s slavery people can feel good about. Heck, as long as robots don’t develop awareness even I’m fine with it. I’ll buy a Roomba.

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