The comedians are having a field day with the story about Trump being a naughty boy

At least this story takes out minds off the absurdity of the US government having to go into partial shut down mode. This is how the world’s largest economy is run?

Here’s Seth Meyers.

And Stephen Colbert


  1. says

    Given his love of dick-waving, he really did set himself up for this kind of mockery.

    I was surprised to see how little news Wolf’s comment about Trump’s ongoing affair made. There has been some speculation. My money was on Hope Hicks last year. And all the stuff about him telling Daniels he’d get her a job.. That’s part of Trump’s MO: he wants to hire his girlfriends, presumably so the taxpayers or his campaign pay for them.

    With the way the Trump admin leaks, it won’t be long before the government’s sailing along on sails made entirely of dirty laundry.

  2. jrkrideau says

    Most comedians and cartoonists must feel torn. Getting rid of Trump probably appeals but there is so much material to work with.

    One day of Trump can supply a month’s worth of material.

  3. chigau (違う) says

    Someday, I hope we get to read Melania’s pre-nuptual agreement.
    And those of the other wives.

  4. Holms says

    I would say he hires them more because financial incentives are the only incentives any women could possibly see in him.

    They were sad when Bush left office too. Who could have predicted there would soon be a president providing orders of magnitude more material…

  5. sonofrojblake says

    This is enormously frustrating. An adult man had a consensual sexual encounter with an adult woman. He may have paid her. He may have made a contract for her silence. This is officially the LEAST terrible thing Trump has done. There is so much else to talk about.

    But… talk of all that politics stuff doesn’t allow the news orgs, comedians and bloggers to publish pictures of a fruity blonde lady.

  6. David Marjanović says

    This is officially the LEAST terrible thing Trump has done.

    Sure – but it puts pressure on all the “family values” people who have supported him. Hypocrisy is so much more beautiful in glaring light.

    Also, there are questions to be asked about where the money came from that Trump’s lawyer paid…

  7. Onamission5 says

    Holms #4:
    I distinctly recall at least one late night comedian (Leno, iirc) lamenting the end of the Clinton presidency. Bush II was boring, plain, and wouldn’t be nearly the resource for material that Clinton provided, you see.

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