Heartwarming story

There is much misery and suffering in the world, some of it due to natural disasters, others due to human actions. In the former category was the recent 7.3 earthquake that hit Iran and Iraq and killed over 500 people and caused greater damage and death in Iran. So it was nice to watch this clip of a little boy bringing his friend to an emergency food station run by the Red Crescent and telling the workers that she had not had any food and asking that she be given some. He did not ask for anything for himself but an aid worker stopped him as he walked away and gave him some food too.


  1. John Morales says

    Look at the content of the link.

    Yes, it very much is heart-warming. Yes, the little person was selfless.

    But… from the link (in the comments, YouTube though they be)

    Boy: She doesn’t have any! (In an adorable broken Farsi)
    Man1: what does she not have any of? Food?
    Man2: Come forward both of you!
    Man2: HAHAHA I did gave you food already little guy innit?
    Woman: No he has brought his friend this time!
    Man 2: Oh I will give her too right now!
    Man2: She your girlfriend?
    Man2: here is a meal for you(Girl).
    Man2: here is another meal for you too, cause you are such cool fucking man (to the boy).

    I identify a lot more with the boy on this basis, because I think he’s pushed by a sense of fairness moreso than a sense of charity.

    (Either way, it’s heartwarming)

  2. Jockaira says

    Most adults forget exactly how it felt as a child to be hungry. For the child it may be the ultimate misery, especially when that child knows that food is to be had if only the right words or the right actions are done. The hungry child cannot think of anything else except food and how to get it.. Is it any wonder that so many people in the world are psychologically warped by chronic hunger from the youngest ages?

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